Do-It-Yourself : Repainting Steel Entry Doors

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hi I'm Tony Steele entry doors are great

for keeping harsh weather intruders bugs

and other nasty things out of your home

so your family stays safe and

comfortable but over time your doors

paintjob can start to lose its luster in

the next few minutes we'll show you how

to give a previously painted steel entry

door a fresh new paint job the key to

getting great results with the project

like this is preparation first decide

whether or not you want to remove the

door for painting taking it off the

hinges would make it easier to paint but

if you go that route remember that you

won't be able to rehang the door until

the final coat of paint is completely

dry that may take anywhere from several

hours to a day or more depending on the

primer and paint you use the number of

coats you apply and environmental

factors like temperature and humidity

meanwhile your house will have a front

door so if you don't have a secure

locking storm door you may need to take

extra steps to ensure the security of

your home if you leave the door on its

hinges make sure to work when there's no

rain in the forecast you may also want

to plan on completing the project over a

few days if you prepare the door on the

first day then prime it the next morning

and let the primer dry during the day

you should be able to close the door

that night without messing up a wet

primer coat then apply your first coat

of paint the next morning and so on the

first step in this project is to put

down some drop cloths then wash down the

door with a degreasing cleaner according

to the manufacturer's instructions

depending on the cleaner you select you

may need to wear safety goggles and a

pair of thick rubber gloves then rinse

the surface and make sure it's

completely dry

next scrape away any loose or peeling

paint and sand any rough edges with a

fine grit sanding block remember to wear

a dust mask and your safety goggles

while you're sanding if you have an

older door that may have been painted

before 1978 be sure to have the paint

tested for lead before you do any

scraping or sanding if the paint is

lead-based you'll need to take

appropriate safety precautions refer to slash lead to learn

more at this point you'll want to sand

the entire area to be painted with a

fine grit sanding block roughing up the

surface a bit will allow the primer to

adhere better

take off any removable weather stripping

or kick plates then use painters tape to

tape off any areas you don't want

painted taping around curves can be a

bit tricky so take your time to protect

any windows or non-removable kick plates

tape some newspaper or brown paper over

them now you're ready to prime and paint

for best results use a high-quality

exterior primer and a satin or

semi-gloss exterior latex paint designed

for application on previously painted

metal we're using a trim roller with a

lone nap roller cover to apply the

primer and paint if you use a roller

it's a good idea to have a small sponge

applicator or brush handy to cover any

tight spots once the primer dries

completely apply two coats of paint

allowing the first one to completely dry

before applying the second once your

final coat is dry remove the tape

reattach any weather stripping or other

items you removed and then rehang the

door if you removed it from its hinges

and that's how you repay in a steel

entry door I'm Tony and I'll see you

next time