Painting Utility trailer in Truck Bed-liner! | How to paint a trailer

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hey what's going on guys Wi-Fi salon

service here back another video and

today as you guys only know from the

title only obtaining a utility trailer

with bedliner nice want to show you guys

real quick the before of what looks like

as you guys can see hopefully those tons

of little bits of rust starting

obviously mud - I'm gonna clean

everything before I do it

but there's rust here the fenders are

extremely rusty here and all of it

starting to pit a little bit actually

the rear ramp gate here has rust going

down it I mean you see a common theme

basically the rest is everywhere so the

first thing I gotta do today is clean it

and also take the racks and whatnot off

and signage just to get it ready to be

painted so I gotta take off my watch

launch service signs as well as my

blower rack my trimmer racks and I'll

probably take off the rear sign as well

back there so with that guys let's get

right to it




dang guys that was really kicking my

butt I didn't know why and now I do see

that's the bowl they're inside the night

I guess it completely fused together

with a rush to something and I ended up

just screwing the bolt twisting it right

off so no wonder I was fighting so hard


hey guys check it out so we got all the

racks taken off the trailer as well as

the signs here and even got little

wooden pieces ahead that hold the tires

from a zero tread in place so I wouldn't

move around as much I got all that taken

off as well we basically got all the

wiring out as well so it's just tires

trailer the jack I mean that's really

all that's left and if you guys are

wondering what this blue tape is it's

just to mark the bolt holes for where my

sign goes in place



well I've got to say I think this is the

cleanest Australis ever gonna be but I

gotta let it dry and after it dries so I

can come back I'll send it down with the

wire brush sandpaper really whatever I

have and get it all ready for bed liner

and then we'll apply that I'm not gonna

do it primer and you know all that other

stuff that you probably should do and

painting a trailer because first of all

red lines will be a pretty durable

substance so I don't think that you know

really rust is gonna get through or is

it gonna get no damage to flake off that

easily but also I honestly can't see

myself having this trailer any longer

than two years and that's really all I

need to paint the last four I just want

to look a little more professional going

around and if I need to I can always buy

some more bed liner and touch it up if

need be Oh church so I'll leave it for

the next two years alright guys so it's

the next day the trailer is now dry it's

completely degreased and cleaned and

whatnot so I'm going to now use this

wire brush here and go around it as much

as I can if I need to I'll go back and

get sandpaper to and catch-up out the

areas for basically areas where it's

really rusty like this I need to sand

down smooth out and get some of the rust

off before I put the bed liner on and I

do what I mentioned real quick if you

guys are using regular paint you

definitely want to put some some sort of

self-etching primer on here to slow down

the rust as well as to keep your paint

sticking a little bit better but for me

just I'm using bed liner and I'm only

gonna have this for maybe another two

years max I'm not worried about that at

all I'm just gonna bed line it and that

should make it good enough for what I



alright guys I think the camera died

there whenever I was standing but this

is actually the next day this trailer

has been sanded and actually I wiped it

down again so any discoloration you

still see is just you know leftover rust

and whatnot that's just kind of still

there not a big deal though I'm gonna

cover it up with this and I'm actually

using the Krylon truck bed coating I got

it out one way it was like 696 so

basically seven dollars a can I got ten

cans of it I figured that'll be more

than enough and I can just return

whatever I don't end up using now

actually discovered their stuff because

of Kevin with Fall River made a video

I'm painting his trailer tires with this

and he said good things about it so I

decided to give it a shot last time I

actually did a trailer I did a 5x8 trail

that I had with truck bedliner and it

worked out pretty good

I used the rust-oleum paint from Walmart

which is the same exact price as this

the only thing about that is it seemed

to come out more like a textured paint

and I don't something want something a

little bit more rugged and heavy-duty so

I tried it decided to give this a shot

this time





one thing I want to mention real quick


it's lots of times to turn in your

trailer or the sides of your trailer

will have these labels on it that have

the VIN number and all the important

information for the trailer and what I

recommend doing is take your painters

tape and covering it up before you pay

it because you don't want to cover any

of that information because that's what

shows that it's yours and you need that

foot to be able to pass inspections or

for the next owner of your trailer to be

able to register it



trailer cure overnight that would be

really good this morning and the

bedliner has gotten really hard my nails

are not scratching it or anything and I

tell you what this is way better than

the rest only am i used it's a nice coat

almost all the way around

I have to respray the backside of that a

little bit more as well as this other

side that was close to the wall over

here but generally it came out really

good so this morning I ought to put

another coat on all of it just to make

sure it's nicely covered I'm left that

queue for a day and then I want to call

it done so guys here's the finished

product of the trailer completely

painted in bedliner

as you guys can see and I just try to

give you guys a close-up

it's definitely has a lot of texture to

it I definitely think this came out

really nice guys honestly it looks very

durable these spots here are just mud

spots I've stepped on the trailer

already it's gonna get used guys it is a

trailer it's gonna get scratched up beat

up it doesn't really matter to me all I

needed is for this to help protect it

some but also to hide some of the rest I

sanded it down but still it's gonna look

rusty and ugly so it hides it makes it

look nice and clean check this out I

decided to black out the rims as well I

don't know if it looks good or not you

guys let me know in the comments down

below for black rims or white waves on

the trailer but I decide to do it for

this one because they were starting to

rush to weight around the edges here and

I think this will take care of that a

little bit I probably should stand down

and paint this hubcap because it is

starting to rust and that way it matches

if I would look a lot better that way if

you're wondering how many cans I used I

only used five cans of the Krylon for

the whole trailer and for the rims

now that was giving the rims three coats

as well as giving the trailer three

coats now you guys might be wondering I

maybe I went a little light on the coast

you'll get that many out and yeah the

first one or two I want pretty light

because you always want to so you'll get

clumping when you do paint with bedliner

it's not that important but I have to

keep a good practice to doing that for

other projects as well

however guys with this stuff it just

weren't so far I had not think I was

gonna be able do all the trailer and the

rims with just five cans and the cans

were only about seven dollars a can so

five times seven is what 35 bucks to

vinyl line my whole trailer

pretty sweet deal so yeah guys that's

the finished product of my trailer I

took a couple more things to do Alice

need to get ready to start using

it I want to put wood sides on it and I

also need to get my signs and stuff and

wax all back on I'll do a separate video

on these tires here as well as a

separate video on these LED lights with

the LEDs like that's the point of

recording this and I'll see be done

about how you guys watching this but I

actually got to go and zip tie up some

of these loose ends here as well as

underneath I got a zip tie up some loose

cables but I just didn't do it yet cuz I

wanted to make sure they worked anything

those guys hope you enjoyed today's

video don't forget to comment like

subscribe as always and I'll see the

next one peace