SDSBBQ - Making a 55 Gallon Steel Drum Smoker - Part 1

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okay so today is the day or this series

is what you guys have all been waiting

for how to build a steel drum a smoker

from scratch so first and foremost let's

go ahead into the Home Depot we have

some parts to get



all right this is the one I hate this

one those longer still neat one and a

quarter and it is

alright alright so I have everything I


alright so I have everything you need

from Home Depot let's go get checked out

and get home hopefully start to build


all right so with texts that ended up

being about 110 dollars for just a

plumbing aspect of the bill basically

plumbing the flat stock the grill grates

or the grates

so yeah now that also doesn't include

the materials have already the materials

I have already being the expanded the

screws and other things like that that I

already have so it's been a couple hours

and I have a drum here now I prefer to

use a drum that has a solid top and I

know it's more work in the in the

beginning but I have to cut this out and

then I have to kind of mold or fix the

top this one actually also has a dent in

it now this one says it has flammable

liquid inside or it had flammable liquid

inside so you need to be careful that

that flammable liquid has dissipated ask

me how I know all right so I do also

have a drum in the back there that has

an open top and I have used one of those

to make a smoker out of before in the

past I thought that it would actually be

easier but because of the fact

but because of the fact that the top is


sometimes those tops are not completely

round and it just makes for a little bit

more of a hectic situation that this one

is in fact intact it should be easier

albeit slightly more difficult because I

have to cut the top off so I'm gonna go

ahead and get set up get a grinding

wheel and the best thing I found to cut

the top off of this is a grinding wheel

so I'm going to get the grinding wheel

and cut it off okay so now that we have

the top cut off and the edges so you saw

me working with the grinder and then

with the hammer and what I did was I

just not be edged back so it's pretty

much flat and flush you guys saw me on

so sorry you guys also saw me knock out

the dent there this is gonna be well

usually I put the seem to be the back of

the smoker but this might be the front

or maybe we'll just do it on the side

how about that but nonetheless at this

point it is time to get the paint off of

the smoker and we'll do it we'll get it

done alright so before I forget and I

know I was just about to get started

Susan and I know I was gonna have

questions about this but what is it I

use to take the paint just to strip the

paint off of the drum it is a four and a

half inch poly carbon poly carbide

abrasive wheel this is the best thing

I've ever found to remove paint off of

these drums I've tried all types of


I've tried Sanders I've tried just like

a straight grinding wheel I mean this is

the bee's knees now it is pretty hard

labor so I'm gonna put you guys imma set

you guys back up on a time lapse and

just get working at it I'll see you guys

back in a bit







alright check that out so unfortunately

I don't know where the GoPro where it

died but we have a nice clean drum so as

you guys saw I have used the poly

carbide disc and you guys remember what

it looked like in the beginning it is a

four and a half inch poly carbon poly

carbide abrasive wheel and this is what

it looks like now so you can see it

definitely gets worn away I did not mean

to do that

darn it anyway there is no more paint on

the drum whatsoever and at this point I

would actually start drilling my holes

and or doing some of the welding of the

ring then for the lid so

you guys saw when I got you guys sawing

I got this is a pleat piece of its

eighth inch by inch and a quarter flat

stock that flash stock what I'll do is I

will bend it around the drum and make a

lip for the dome lid to sit into the

drum is just a little bit too big to fit

a 22 and a half inch to fit a 22 and a

half inch dome lid so what I saw what I

found is if you weld a strip of metal

just on the inside you will then be able

to get that dome to sit on the lip

perfectly so that's pretty much what I

do so the next step is basically gonna

be me rolling the band and actually saw

Alan from Alan's welding and woodworking

he used heat I'm thinking I might try to

use some heat to make the that job a lot

easier when I would do it before I would

just kind of do it by hand and I'd used

pliers or vise grips and hold it still

and then bend it around and then kind of

get it into the shape that I needed once

I had it into the shape that I needed I

would then just transfer that ring into

the from the bottom right from the

bottom to the top

into the opening at the top and then I

would weld it in so at this point I

think this is a good stopping point I

will pick this back up for another day

for you guys it'll probably be just

tomorrow for me but nonetheless I really

want to thank you guys for watching

thank you guys for you know for your

patience with this whole build you know

life man life life life and the good

thing is it's getting cooler so I can be

out in the garage and work and not be

miserable so you know the builds and the

things that are happening in a garage

should be ramping up

so thank you again as always for

watching if you haven't already please

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drum there I think that is probably like

official drum number 12 or 13 and I

built maybe I think it's number 12

anyway thank you again as always for

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