How To Lay Out a 5-point Star or Pentagon - No-Math Geometry - WOOD magazine

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we found the center of our piece of

scrap here by drawing diagonal lines

between the corners now we just place

the tip of the compass at the

intersection of the lines and scribed a

line all the way around

I made this as large as possible to make

the best use of the material but if you

are working with a design where you need

more precise shape and size draw the

circle to suit the outermost points of

that design next we're going to take a

measurement along one of the quarters

from the center to the outermost point

in this case about ten and a half inches

so we want a point on this line halfway

between the center and the outside edge

five and a quarter inches and just place

a small mark right there next reset your

compass to the distance between this

halfway point here and the outermost

point of the circle here and lock it in

position then draw a line on this side

of the center point opposite your midway

point here one more reset on the compass

this time we'll reset the compass from

this point up here at let's come to be

the top of our circle to the midpoint on

this line here now assuming that this is

going to be our first point will come

down to here for the second point on our

circle and then we'll draw a line here

move the compass arm to where we scribe

this point and draw the fourth line

intersecting the circle and from that

point we draw another line here

now what we have are five points on the

circle equally spaced apart and we could

do one of two things if we're making a

Pentagon we just simply draw straight

lines between the hash marks going

around the circle with this being the

top to draw the star will connect one

line to opposite lines over here


here you can start to see the shape of

the star you've done it right you should

be able to see a pentagon shape at the

center of the star