PAINTING A STAIRWELL. Handyman hacks painting in high & tight spaces.

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this Chris the Idaho painter in this

video of guys stairwell right behind me

here and we're going to be painting the

ceilings and doing the cut ends and it's

a long narrow stairwell that's really

high and we're going to be using some

ladder Levellers and ladder boxes that

do this painting and I show you the tips

and tricks of how we actually paint on

stairs and get up in these high areas

using our ladder boxes and ladder

Levellers so stay tuned for this video

right now so here's a look at this

stairwell right here that will be

working and painting and you can see

we've got the stairwell with a high

ceiling we're going to have to paint

these ceilings and cut this in and it's

going to take a few tricks of the trade

to work on that and get it painted we're

going to show you that process here when

I start working in this hallway now this

tight hallway with this Heights high

ceiling there's a couple tools or

painters tricks that you actually need

to actually paint in this hallway one of

them is a pivot ladder box right here

and this is a box that actually will sit

on the stairs that will level your

ladder while you're on these stairs and

then because it's a tight space we can't

get an extending ladder in here like a

24 foot extension ladder we'll be using

an extend my ladder right here this

ladder and we'll just extend it up set

it on our box and then we can begin

paint in this tight space see the ladder

discuss stick it up pretty close to the

ceiling then I got my box right here I'm

just going to set a ladder right here on

my box and that levels my ladder in this

hallway now I can climb up the ladder

and begin painting the ceiling up here

and do my cut ends I'll give you a

better look from an opposite side now so

here's a look at our ladder sitting on

our pivot ladder box extend it up to our

ceiling now I can actually reach up


start painting the ceilings and then

doing our cut ends

so once again in this hallway I'm

working here got this ladder just easily

you know wrapped its 2l

you can see it's just got some buttons

on the sides right here and it just

snaps down closes up so I can easily

take it out here this is a ladder by

extend climb and then this box right

here this um box is made by pivot and

the Box design to go on roofs or stair

steps or any uneven surfaces even on the

ground it's got some non-slip rubber on

it which makes it really convenient for

these wood steps right here cuz these

are wood and so we don't want this box

to slip and slide around and these are

two tools that we use quite often when

it comes to working in stairways and on

steps inside of houses you gotta check

them out got both these actual items on

my tool store you can check out my tool

store I'll leave a link to it where you

can actually see it if you want to

purchase the items so once again I'm

going to set it back up and I'll show

you us painting it so I got my ladder

set up here on the box it's gonna make

sure it's all nice and sturdy

now I'm gonna climb up here and begin

painting so now we've got a ladder set

up right here on our ladder box with our

extend one bottom makes doing your

ceilings and these hallways and ceilings

that are unaccessible without that box

or extending ladder easy to do

now he really liked painting before I'll

be moving my favorite budget hopefully

you enjoyed this video how we actually

work in a tight stairwell with a couple

simple little professional painting

tools an extend climb ladder and a pivot

ladder box to two really cool tools to

work on stairs in a stairwell if you'd

like to purchase these tools I got my

link right up here to my tool store

where you can purchase those items if

you see me actually demonstrating and

reviewing that ladder the extend climb

ladder you can click on the video right

down here and once again thanks for

watching my videos if you got any tips

or tricks how you work in stairs or in

stairwells or on stairs just leave them

in the comments right below thank you

again for being a supporter and a fan

and watching my videos