Spray painting exterior two story stucco house.

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in this video by ABNPainting we are spray-painting exterior of a two-story

stucco house and after moving gravel a few inches away from the foundation

of the house we will start our preparation work with pressure washing

we fix hairline cracks in stucco using elastomeric punch and we apply the

patch using the brush cracks at a slightly larger we fix using latex caulk

and after we squeeze it out of the tube using caulking gun we're using a brush

to spread it evenly

with inch and a half green tape and plastic will mask off all the windows we

scraped loose paint near the foundation of the house using a putty knife and we

applied elastomeric patch to all scraped areas were using ultra grip a

general purpose primer to prime the areas that never been painted before

that includes a section of the house that has new stucco, the garage door

and a balcony door after priming the areas that need to be primed we did some

more masking or we covered the back patio using a combination of 12-inch

masking paper and plastic we mask the patio on the second floor in the same way

so that the edges of the doors get painted properly we remove the weather

strips and apply the blue painters tape to the inner part of the

trim that will catch possible over spray we covered the roof tile on the

second level of the house using 12-inch masking paper next to the stucco and

then we covered the title further using tarps we masked off the front door that

will not be painted at the patio on the front and now the house is ready for

spray painting

we start by spray painting the body of the house first

after we finished with painting the body of the house we covered it using 12-inch

masking paper as well as the roof tile and we spray paint the trim and accent


this is the portion of the house that is about 20 feet high in the areas where

the roof was running at the angle or we covered the tile using a combination of

paper and tape in areas where that roof was at the straight line we just use

the tape two pieces of inch and a half green tape to cover the tile and then a

lower portion of the house we did not mask the tile at all we're just used 4/11 flat tip that gives get a little over spray to spray paint the stucco of the

trim and then we use the brush to paint the metal that is next to the roof tile

by hand and after we're finished with cleanup and touch-ups this is the look

of the house