Painting 15 glass panel door

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hi everybody its Jeremy here with

castles a Korean so I've just arrived

nice job this morning and of the endless

behind me here that's three story

holsters and on that I've done a few

videos on and I'm sure you know I will

still fail on the spindles and stuff

wallpaper and stuff they got there so

most of the doors are a sex panel door

but in the hall here as you can see I

have these doors here there's to them

and there's 15 panes of glass and so

from 3 stories of spindles to under

these doors here again it's a lot of

feet we can work on this job you know so

it's gonna give you an idea again seem

suspenders an idea in a the best way for

me again I always go say for me oh ok

ice may feel they can do it definitely

everybody finds wrong way when they're

p.m. but for me I would be fire

organized and you know when you're doing

15 psi glass give the code random you

know you really don't know need to know

what you're doing especially repent you

know PN starts Tran if you're on the

door and you're moving back to the

that's action and the PN start over

happen you know so you need to keep the


you know comment down and it's wet again

I'm using I do use a lot of our peers

certain use color trends stuff like that

but nice job I'm using it's crying

certain with OBS and I have ultra oil

mixed versus p.m. conditioner with the

key and of spoke about it gives it a

nice smooth finish so with the store

here for me I'll explain the best way to

do it as you can see when you're doing

the door like there see the

Saxon here these weak crossbars here so

you've got one two three your four bars

going across the door and you've turned

the middle okay so you do those first

you bring those down okay

and what you did I seen you get to this

point here and here you cut it off at

the edge right you know so you do the

mid-level you do the middle section

first not just let young we look at the

top of the two other so you can see

there what I've done and so those three

middle parts coming down and these bars

coming across here you do those first


as I say so you know you just see that's

one across Brittney's one Stein contour

this one just work your way down on them

and the reason for doing that is means

and you know you know exactly where you

are that's a simple way to do them then

the next job again beforehand like these

doors have been sounded and cleaned and

sounded the word pianted previously I

guess a bit similar the spindles behind

me there they were painted five six

years ago whatever so it's getting too

cool to void be a sudden anyway so the

best way to do that store so whenever

you have the middle section down here

I've done that first so the Italia you

know takes me very cotton and rayon all

our class so after you do that the

middle section

I'll bring us up here you call them do

we add this underneath here bring us

across I'll bring two little stone there

like so bring your pant down here and

see man that saved our do those two

years is break that down and then just

move down as you're going along I need

to finish off your bottom section so

that is pretty straightforward you know

you look at that door

you know we'll take away to do that

though I really doesn't take that long

you know when you know what you're doing

you're using a great price proper paint

the doors well-prepared there's no

problems you know so basically and I'll

start here so let's say the middle

section is all done that's the first

section you tended toward your day these

three middle sections say cut it off at

each corner here

so you're not over to hang on to these

cuz they're there the last section at

the end okay I think it'll go if you

have three of these underneath need to

be saxons here do those first Monica and

I'm reasonably angle brace here be

partly sunny for daily stores specimen

you're cutting into you there the glass

and again I always said just take your

time you know

okay so you do those three sections on

her knees yeah bring the flat panel for

the tub reshare it unless you can see

with this Sam here see with your that

don't really flow very well you know

that really does enhance the Panthers

it's all toroidal it's a king a big nerd

it's expensive you know but whenever you

want a nice finishes well worth our

money I know you go I'll just say a few

deer just no fairy lately okay when you

using a bleep race a party price

nespresso smooth finish

so what's your top panel Don okay and

the next thing I say bring to listo

I'm here at eat say to you for those

today to lease a common

I see people you know when they're down

these doors you know suppose you know if

you're not a tree it's person then

you're you're doing these yourself you

know you can imagine the team yet so

you're gonna spend the tip alright so

I'm looking tickety it's just you know I

mean you know whenever you have a proper

price you do you do honestly you don't

need to do it you know well I don't need

to do it you know I'm not saying yeah

you know I would say most people if you

have a great brush you know take your

time the time you want to spend him that

all up and they are taking the tape off

you can have the door P ended you know

something goes to as you started out

saying I'm helping you see that

what about suggest is if you're gonna be

doing these doors don't have too much to

drink the next day you wanna a good

study hard you know

so say there's a there's 15 P in the

glass here so okay and here we go so

bring this thing just bring it down with

you do you maintain two pounds you know

that's what I'm talking about there you

see you know this pant here that's here

to still wet so you're able to just nail

it off you know if you go too far from

yourself up and come start coming off

you have a we join here

like just me for date oh you bet that so

you can see where we are

Ella can't you have three more of these

answers coming down here

there is a better work on these toys and

I also say with 15 panels of blasts you

know so but you did get through them you

know pretty quickly just we vent down a

wee bit more than 40

at the end of to hear the date

and for slid off nice and late

go my retina sweet door handle here I

can I don't take the handles off you

know if I take me start taking them off

screen the back on all that's here you

know we'd better table for the handle we

better care to straighten it out there

and that's basically all you need to do

and I can show your heart quicker

there's a P and s with the have the long

and hard always kept the spotless so I

just have the top of the handle on now

because there's the top there so we can

get the brace donation hate there off

and just get the V sipes bracer and just

cut them

and same with the other answer

fishery handled I know I got about me

section there you go just see underneath

hey you know the key seconds are handled

spotless done up to take it off you know

like it's here's a lot of time so bring

that down to your second Tom mularz yeah

that's on those two edges are

again that's a 2-pound so you can see

you know after your hubble's metal sex

and stun you know hasn't really taken me

long to do their store as you can see no

one abstain the middle their continent

right in the middle panel there you know

you're probably talking about 15 minutes

to do that you're maybe talking 20

minutes at the adorning us here you know

and that's not bad for the world has 15

pounds of glass you know Nike and I'm

not directional take him attain do the

job right


and again just drop that down a wee bit

here and we're down to the last section

here again you've just one more he has

to do here

this one here

and then because we're doing this bottom

section you have 3 B seconds along the

top here they show

never felt so now that you have those

two years it's done about maybe even

family should the were off ran around on

the dark


have a go and as you can see our shadow

completely vanished

well it's not finished the first corner

to get I let that dry overnight and give

a real egg sound very high if I say

maybe you only get a great car just we

late son does some time and put the

finish coat on and I'm just packaged on

here a lot of their brackets are so you

do at first look at the man that and

then there you go

so as you can see there's a tour down

there and then I've wanted to say that

they just bring us over here

you can see where I got the frame down

here first cool it so I just have to

order so there you go so I'm going to

under that store and I but that gives

you the chance of heart of the 13 panel

door hope you enjoyed the video if you

have any questions you would like they

asked they all mean send me a message

thanks I