How to Paint Tall Walls without ladder Wooster Lock Jaw Review

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hey everybody alright this video is

going to be on painting a high wall this

is a 17 foot high wall and it's in a

staircase so you really can't get up on

a ladder unless you want to kill

yourself so you have two options you can

either get up on a ladder and maybe kill

yourself you might want to get some

scaffolding which would cost you a

fortune it would be really dangerous in

a stairwell you might want to buy one of

those ladders where you can put

different lengths of legs on or extend

the legs so that you could prop yourself

up on the different steps and that's

kind of risky and dangerous too okay so

that's more than two options you can use

a paint pad let's see where's the camera

there's a paint pad you can put this in

a stick in a pole paint pole I'm going

to show you in a minute and then you

could glide this against the wall and

that would get you up there that would

get you your four inches from the edge

of the wall for the edge of the ceiling

so that you could go in there with a

roller and a stick and paint or you have

the other option to use this thing from

Worcester other companies make this but

use this product from Worcester it's

called the lockjaw and it allows you as

you can see in the picture over there to

position a paint brush inside at

multiple angles get the position you

want and then you can put this on a

paint pole and paint and again the main

goal is just to get way up at the top

over there it's a little out of focus

and get your three or four inches so

that you can go in there with a roller

and a stick and start painting if you're

going to go in there with a roller

there's no way that you're going to get

all the way up to the top without

getting paint on the ceiling so that's

why you need to do one of these two

procedures now with an idea like this

you could go with a large brush or a

narrow brush large brush is going to

cover much more area the narrow brush

obviously isn't the advantage of the

narrow brushes it's going to hold less

paint which is a disadvantage it's going

to hold less paint but it's also going

to drop less paint and it's

we going to be a little bit easier to

maneuver you probably want to use an

angled brush like these see the angle on

them you want to use an angled brush so

you can get in there angle the ceiling

the proper way you might do this also

but you want to go in like this so you

can angle so maybe you want to use the

wider brush it's up to you and let me

show you how this bracket works down so

what you're really doing is you're

putting the brush into this opening here

trying to get a good angle so you can

see it you put the brush in position it

the way you want it whichever way is

going to be good for you maybe it's

going to be this way if you're going to

be going with the pole down here maybe

you're going to want to do this way so

you can paint upward so you can get into

the ceiling edge and go downward and

then you have the option let me get the

brush out you have the option when you

press this button over here you press in

on the button and then you can position

whatever angle you want so let me show

you how it's done now this is the paint

pad they are good the only problem is

it's going to splatter an incredible

amount of paint all over the place

you're only going right up to the edge

it's got wheels on it so it should be

able to it should roll good luck getting

that to happen you can see how I'm

trying to get it to roll across the

ceiling right now and it doesn't want to

which is not unusual these don't have

the best wheels so you're going to you

can still get a really nice edge but

it's not going to roll with the wheels

you can get up there get your edge and

go downward it should go really quick it

should make the job very easy so that's

one of your options and then here's the

other option here is the paint brush on

the bracket it is a little weird it's a

little awkward but it is not that


for a mole as long as you're able to

position yourself I'm not an angle so

it's a little awkward for me

while I film this but you're really just

using two hands and going in there and

painting well it kind of came loose

there because it wasn't really tight

obviously so I like this idea - I like

this a lot better than the pad because

it's going to have less paint on it but

you can get a nice paint line you can

get right up and then you can position

this thing so that you were going of

course I would turn the unit but you can

positions position it's that you're

going right up to the edge and going

downward and I think you get a really

nice section of paint on there so that's

how you paint a tall ceiling and then

after that then you're going to go in

with your roller obviously you're going

to go on with your roller somewhere from

here and roll downward so hopefully that

helped you with how to paint the tallest

ceiling if you want to do a thumbs up a

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that will help me - and if you don't

that's fine also hopefully this helps

somebody and happy painting this is the

final result using that paint brush

holder it is extremely difficult to use

very hard to use this is a primer the

primer did not want to stick to the wall

I couldn't get enough pressure using the

pole but I was able to get it done