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when i first bought my house i was

sold on the big great room wall


these huge ceilings this amazing view

from the loft

was just like a dream come true but with

dreams comes nightmares and my

nightmares were the color

of these freaking walls i have to admit

these walls were a little intimidating

never painted any walls this huge before

to avoid me climbing up on some ladder

going up some 21 22 feet

or building any type of platform that

would be really expensive to keep

for a couple days called out a few

painting companies to give me a bed

to paint this wall that wall

that wall only this does not include

anything on the loft you wouldn't

believe some of the bids i was getting

that's crazy right just for three walls

so now that i have some bids the

question comes up which one of these

companies would i use to get a

professional quick

accurate and efficient job this was too

easy i went with me why not

this entire area was painted with no

ladder and no scaffold

i'm going to show you exactly how i did

it hey are you coming

we have here is a six foot pole that i

got from a local hardware store and i

got this for like 15 bucks

it actually extends out

to 12 feet so look at that

if you pay close attention most of your

rollers have the screw on

in here so you need your roller here's

something that you can actually use

for the corners and that screws on at

the tip

and we have an edger here beauty of this

edger is you'll notice that it has a


that gives you the opportunity to take

care of those corners

without messing up the ceiling

let me attach these and show you what

these look like

cornering brush screw that back baby on

just like that

so you feel that you're at a comfortable

area where you can probably bring in

like a chair or a small


make sure it's on there nice and snug

and then you do the exact same thing


and just like that right up to the top

you are vertically challenged like i am

and always come up to your

loft and do your edging from up here

you can extend it out as far as you

possibly can which will save you less

effort that you have to make on that

first level

not let a standard wall intimidate the

exact same thing with a rope

if you want to save a ton of money on

doing this yourself i strongly recommend


painters are in the business to make

money and you in the business to save


try spending 23 at the store and save

yourself hundreds maybe even thousands

on paint

oh yeah by the way i did all three of

these walls myself in one coat

of satin five hours with maybe a couple

breaks and a lunch

one more thing before i let you go you

may want to consider neutral colors for

such a big wall

avoid those what the what's he thinking


like this thanks for tuning in subscribe

see you next time

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