I Spent 7 Days in the Forest to Improve my Painting Skills

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you know that thing that you always want

to get better at but never have the time

to actually focus on well for me

that's painting since life always

somehow gets in the way of me actually

setting off time to paint it's time for


to get away from life or something

i've been so lucky to borrow a cabin

where there's no electricity

no water but hopefully there will be

time because i'm staying there for an

entire week all by myself my goal is to

paint one painting every day i'm there

and to keep me focused and to keep

myself from thinking too much about the

fact that i'm far away from society all

alone in a tiny little cabin where no

one will ever hear me scream

hounds just made five challenges for me

one for every full day i'm there

and i have no idea what they are i think

the biggest challenge will be just being

all alone for an entire week in the


this will be uh interesting and by the


shara baguera you thought i'd forgotten

didn't you


what have you packed in there snacks

i'm gonna miss you i'm falling backwards


well i guess it's just us now

into the forest we go i've been walking

for like

maybe 10 minutes and i'm already dying

because it's only uphill

i think this backpack is half my body

weight or something

hi oh you want to be my friend

all right oh my ass is burning

okay half of them

all right guys this is it

i think for tonight i'm just gonna sit

here and chill

eat my chocolate listen to some

artifacts begin the painting tomorrow

there's one thing i didn't show you last

night just look at this


the cabin is right there all right i

think it's time to open day one

the first challenge reel with a twist

this is challenge number one weather

premiering go out and paint oh my god

i challenge you to add something to the

picture that is not there in real life

signed hansi i'm really excited about

this one

alrighty i think we're good to go


just have a look at this i think this

can be a really beautiful motif


we got a very dark dark cloud headed our


i think i'm just gonna pack up and go

back to the cabin and then

not beaten by mosquitoes we packing up




seven hours later and i have a finished


here we go i mean seven hours is not

very long for me at least to spend on a


i think i really like the overall

composition i'm fairly happy with the


i like the river but i think it kind of


a bit in detail and the trees i could

have worked more on as well i think i

did fairly

well on the first challenge at least i

think i'm just gonna grab a drink

sit at that little bench at the outpost


you know enjoy the view

now that evening comes i can't help but

think about

this is how all the scary movies started

just like she was alone in the cabin in

the woods

little did she know that she will soon

find out

what else lives in the forest

i'm a bit nervous not gonna lie you know

this is

probably the safest place on the planet

i'm not used to being alone like this

and it makes me uncomfortable

daytime is no problem at all being alone

the evenings are worse

imma head to bed i think

night everyone

over that collection

you know coffee was actually my number

one item

on my packing list before going here but

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and back to the video challenge number


the power of mood today you'll do

something you haven't done a lot before

while experiencing figurative painting

the abstract is fairly uncharted

territory for you

oh sh use your mood and the atmosphere

around you to inspire you

to create an abstract painting signed

the age mage oh gosh

abstract painting

god how am i gonna do this i've never

done anything like this before i

i don't think i've ever painted one

abstract painting in my life this is

gonna be interesting if this turns out


then um it's fine because it's my first

attempt at

abstract painting okay

all right let's just go for it new day

new pallet

you you're the mountain i will climb

today and i will

i will conquer you

i was just lying on the sofa looking at

my painting and just finding things to

improve and i fell asleep

so i think just to wake up a little bit

i'm gonna go out

and get some washing water from a nearby

natural well i have not been there


we'll see if we can find it can this be


i think this is it

me let's get back in ah

no i soaked my foot gotta dry my shoes

in front of the fire now

but at least we got washing water


i feel like it needs a little bit of


else and i think these two colors will

fit nicely

with the rest of these colors i'm just

gonna put in a couple of streaks

of these two colors and after that i

think we're done





that's my first abstract painting i'm


happy with it i probably have someone in

my family who wants this

on their wall i think i did a decent job

i'm happy with the composition and the

kind of the light

effect i think it's kind of messy at

least down here

i like the streaks these paintings are

just firing me up to do more

and especially with this weather like

it's amazing it just it puts me just in

the mood but i do have a lot of

uh time for the rest of the night and

i'm not quite sure what i'm gonna do

maybe paint some more in my sketchbook

that doesn't sound too bad



it's almost 10 o'clock now it's really


to get dark outside and uh it's

it's just so freaking quiet i just feel


when's the jump scare coming you know i

think i've watched too many horror

movies in my life

to relax from this that's it for me

tonight i'm gonna go to bed

see you tomorrow

morning open challenge three oh my god

i'm so tired

the simon challenge uh simon what have


good morning it's day three and you're

experiencing real solitude and no

contact with human beings we have a

common friend called simon who showed

particular interest in one of your


at a previous occasion the painting

you're painting today will be given to

simon and your only task is to paint

something you think you'd like

oh and by the way he'll come by the

cabin and pick it up at six o'clock

he'll bring dinner

tick tock off no

that's so little time it's eight now

yes i counted my fingers like a child

but that's six no

10 hours

simon is a friend of ours who he's just

an hilarious guy i know that he really


lord of the rings and just fantasy stuff

in general

so it's really a no-brainer that is

gonna be like fantasy themed but i think

since we have so little time like

effectively maybe eight hours of


i really have to focus on atmosphere and

lighting because

that is going to kind of capture

everything in this painting

i don't have time to do details i don't

have time to get hung up on things so i

really just have to

decide on the composition decide on the

color palette and just

jump into it


i'm fairly positive we can have a

finished painting by the time it comes i

don't know about the level of detail but

i feel like i've gotten

at least the atmosphere of the

background right but i'm feeling


surprisingly positive and it seems like

we got some visitors

it's kind of nice they stroll by every

now and then but we don't have much time

so let's get back to work




it's like half an hour until simon will


and here it is i'm very happy with the


actually i i think that's one of the

things i struggle most with in this one

that is

fairly good i'm pretty happy with this

actually this is the painting i am

most happy with so far i don't feel that

bad about giving it away

because i don't want to give away

something that doesn't look good


i'm hoping simon will like it we'll see

oh i'm wondering what he's bringing for


oh pizza




simon just left and i gotta say it was

really nice with just some human


he also said he really liked the

painting and even he's going to put it

down his living room wall and i gotta

take that as a huge compliment

like it's the center of the home i i

think that's really cool i'm just really

glad he liked it there are two days left

two more challenges to go two more

canvases to fill it's so weird it feels


i've been living here my whole life

while at the same time

just arriving at this cabin

i'm sorry i'm getting distracted by this

view just

look at this absolutely

gorgeous so um

yeah i'm just gonna sit here for the

rest of the night probably just chill

listen to an audiobook maybe challenge


success bring on the next one

good morning to you let's open challenge

number four light there are a few

elements that captures

atmosphere better than light the

challenge today is to paint

something where the mood and atmosphere

is completely

defined by the light signed hansey

so light huh interesting

i think i should go for a run use my

body a little bit because i can feel it



let's flip and go

but what a beautiful path this is and up

up up it goes

i always feel so much better after

running and now i'm even more excited

about today's challenge

the light oh it's such a good one this

day is gonna be great

oh yeah a nice little snack on the way



oh they're so sweet are there more

there's so much of them


i feel so much better now just feel

energized i feel ready

to attack this painting what i have in

mind is to make

a painting of the inside of a building

with a domed ceiling

where you have windows along that domed


that is going to bring the light towards

a centerpiece that is going to be like a


sphere so let's bring out a new canvas

it feels so good to open a new one just


i've just drawn up the outlines of the

motif and i'm just

i'm trying to look at it mirrored

because sometimes just

looking at it mirrored really helps you


any mistake and also just kind of view

your motif with new eyes

but i think this is looking good so

let's paint


it's already eight o'clock there's not

that much left

i'm gonna add the lighting now and then

i have to do something

to make the orb look a bit more

interesting and three-dimensional

i'm guessing i have about two to three

hours of daylight left

i'm hoping i can finish it before then

but i've had to start taking more breaks

because my neck and shoulders are kind


they're getting sore and tired after

sitting for hours on end

for the past few days just painting in

the same position really let's get back

to painting


good morning everyone i was up until

pretty late nice night

trying to finish this painting i'm not


happy with it the problem is i

i guess i had two big expectations of

what it could look like

because i really love the concept one of

the things i don't like is this harsh

line i think that was

uh not a good call i think it would be

better just with a soft

line here because it doesn't really make

sense that the light from the windows

should make this

hard a line the gold look on these

triangles i think is fairly good

but not these ones metallic flat shapes

super difficult to paint i think maybe

one thing

that could add to it and make it look

more interesting would be particles

just to kind of give it a little more a

little more

i'm just going to add a couple of dust

particles sign it

and start today's challenge because we

have a whole other painting

to paint today


next painting next challenge the last


challenge five finality except for

morning coffee

is there anything better than the smell

of victory


i don't think so it's the final day of

the painting challenge

if you've come this far you should be

proud there's only one night left and

this journey is at an end

so naturally today the topic is finality

the deed has been done

finished completion free to interpret

that as you want

good luck finality i have no idea what

to paint


oh hi the owner of the cabin just

dropped by he was there yesterday too

just to drop off some materials for


and he has the cutest dog but also he


gifts and he told me there's cake and

sweet cherries

it was just so sweet and also i think i

figured out what i want to paint

a warrior just walking away from

her final battle like with just a giant

kind of monster in the middle of the

mountains maybe

and there could be smoke and some fire

and while i'm doing that

i'm going to enjoy this lovely gift


i'm really uh i'm starting to feel the

difference between

today as the last day of painting and

the first day of painting it's going a

lot slower

okay i'm gonna go back inside continue




i was just outside to film the last

little spatter

effect drops and there are so many


they just tried to eat me alive but i

finished the painting

and it's only nine o'clock it's not that

late can't believe i finished five

paintings of this size

in five days in addition to three

paintings in my sketchbook

i haven't been this productive painting

wise since i

i can't even remember it feels so good

i'm so happy and i'm so glad i pushed

through and i'm so glad i'm done

i'm not gonna paint anymore tonight just

chill for the rest of the night

enjoy the last night of the cabin

i would love to sit here and enjoy the


these mosquitoes man

oh my god the mosquitoes


i'm going home today guys i'm gonna miss

this place

in so many ways but oh my god am i ready

to take a shower



so long dear friend so long


my goodness it's good to see you


so it's been about two weeks since i

came back and i've had some time to just

take it all in reflect on it one thing

i've noticed is that ever since i came

back i've been painting almost daily or

at least every other day

so i kind of feel like this experience

has just kick-started

my creativity again and my just

motivation to paint

in general because before i went i kind

of had an art block

where i wasn't happy with anything i

painted and i didn't have any


and just you know how it is but i think

since hansi made those challenges for me

i had to kind of get out of my comfort

zone and paint things i wouldn't

normally paint

and i don't know it sparked some

something inside me i don't know what

but something is alive and i don't want

to stop painting

and it's been awesome but also being

there and just waking up and knowing

that the whole day is dedicated painting

without any distractions

from myself or the outside world was

pretty amazing but i think if i didn't

have those painting challenges i would


bored really fast i think if i started

getting bored

i would be more inclined to go home

early on

i feel like after being there i've been


like it sounds cheesy it hasn't been

like i

have been reborn and now i'm a whole new

person kind of experience but more like

a hey

i'm not totally useless and i'm able to

take care of myself

kind of experience you know i don't know

it was nice to prove to myself that i'm

able to be alone

and just enjoy my own company i would

rate it

10 out of 10. it was absolutely awesome

if you made it

all the way to the end i just want to

thank you for watching and make sure to

subscribe if you liked the video and

finally thank you so much to our patrons

and youtube members for supporting the


because you make it possible for us to

make this content now i'll see you soon

with another project