How I Paint Things - Painting Epic-scale 6mm Miniatures

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hello and welcome to a very special how

I paint things and today I want to do

something a little bit different and

we're gonna paint some six millimeter

scale figures this is a technique which

works best if you're doing large bodies

of troops particularly for large scale

armies so things like epic you know

funnily enough and I'll link to a couple

of sites where you can find miniatures

like this as well as some of the rules

that you can use to still be playing

epic in this year 2020 so quick shout

out to Vanguard miniatures where these

came from

this isn't paid promotion I just really

like what they're doing so I do want to

make sure that you guys can cruise on

out there and see what they're up to see

if there's a producer out there that you

might not have noticed before I'll list

all of the paints in the description

below so without any further mucking

around let's get started now in order to

make it easier to paint these guys what

I've actually done is glued them to this

popsicle stick just a thin line of PVA

glue so when we're finished it'll be

easy to just pop them off and glue them

down to their base I've started from a

primer of leather brown and what I'm

gonna do now is actually shade over the

whole miniature and it's gonna give us

sort of a appreciate effect ordinarily

when we're painting we'd look at say a

blue jacket you know we'd start with a

dark blue and then put lighter colors

over the top but with these six

millimeter figures we haven't got a lot

of room to kind of maneuver as far as

painting goes so what we're going to do

is use this as pre shade to act as the

shade for kind of most of what we're

painting you'll see what I mean in a

second here you see these guys are so

small my camera can't even keep both

ends of the line in focus at the same

time I've got here this is strong tone

and I'm gonna reply this straight from

the pot we'll start from the end here

and just go over all all the models now

I've seen some folks do this from gray

and use a black ink but personally

because I want these guys to be a little

bit warmer I'm going to use brown and

strong tone which is sort of a dark

brown but once I've applied this give us

about 10 20 minutes to dry

I can see what all of these guys look

like once that's done now after that's

had some time to dry you'll see what I

mean about being able to see the detail

a little bit better and we have got that

nice deep shading which is gonna work

for how we're gonna paint these guys

I've got here now some army green and

I'm gonna use this for their jackets

just gonna use my character brush you

don't need to go all the way down to the

itty bitty tiny brushes what we're gonna

do is just paint in the majority of

these jackets but then what I'll do is

I'll pick this fellow on the end here

and we'll paint a little front foldy bit

and then in areas wheel spot you know

that duck can you see that there we go

and dark brown it's gonna leave that in

the recesses is our shading and paint

around it so at the back here this is

fill all that in I'll come back once

have done a lot of them and I think

you'll see what I mean a little easier

now I can hear a few if you have just

gone oh oh yeah it cutting onto what

I've got going on here as you can see

I've left some of their brown shading

really sort of find the edges of those

details but mostly this was just flick

and green on and try not to get it into

the recesses that's it what we'll do

next though is move on to sort of their

liver and cloth areas and for this I'm

going to use this monster Brown now what

I'm going to do is probably do some of

this off of camera but if we turn them

around so we can see their pecs let's

just quickly block those in just across

the top of the pack leave the gap

underneath now we don't need to be fancy

with this so this feller on the back

here if we can get the Congo line to

focus properly just across there like

that and then he's got the smaller pack

underneath that's our detail done and

they won't use

angel green and we're just going to dot

in their helmets and their shoulder pads

and this will be quite dark in

comparison but that's gonna help sell

the look what we want is lots of

contrast and then we'll get a little bit

of black and we'll start blacking in

their weapons so this doesn't take

terribly long with these I think you

don't want to leave you know you don't

need to worry about leaving they're

brown on the recess just go ahead and

black the whole thing in

you could also blacken their boots at

the same stage but I don't think you

need to now with the weapons blanked in

I think they start to come together you

get a much better look at what they're

gonna look like on the table but I still

think there's not quite enough visual

contrast on the model you know they

could be brighter so that they're easier

to see so I've got banshee Brown what

we're gonna do is just go over all of

those little cloth areas again so gloves

and packs this is go ahead and make

those a bit brighter and now with some


let's just pick out a few tiny details

on these weapons that's worth pointing

out with these you're not really

painting them to look perfect this is

all about target acquisition you know so

your and your opponent can both see from

across the table what that's six

millimeter tall dude is aren't width and

then if you're feeling fancy and why not

okay you can add a little bit of dark

tone just drop that on the end of those


Seema's with the strong tone earlier

this will just help pick out some of the

detail now I've given these guys a quick

spray of varnish you could brush it on

if that's what you wanted to do but

honestly a quick spray is not going to

hurt them any now let's see if we can

get these guys off the popsicle stick a

little bit I'm a little nervous

oh oh okay I might agree with these guys

down a little much

hmm yeah a knife will solve my problems

there we go

yes let's oops oh well there vanished

now when it comes to basing you could

grab yourself some MDF bases they're

pretty easy to find online and base up a

whole squad like this but epic tended to

have you know smaller five-man teams and

so I've got some little 3d printed bases

here again something you can probably

very easily find an alternative for

online particularly if you are going

through these vanguard miniatures then

after a little bit of sand and some snow

flock that's what we've got and honestly

I'm pretty pleased with those now

obviously they're not actually stuck to

this great thing it just makes them a

little easier to to hold while I'm

showing them off but I'm actually quite

happy with how they turned out as you

can see it's not a terribly you know

it's not tidy but it is effective you

know what we're make sure I've got a man

in shop there what we're looking for is

something they can be recognized from

across the table and I think that's not

a bad look what I could do from here

would be to go ahead and highlight them

with something else maybe even go ahead

and you know at a shade or something but

if I'm painting my goodness eighty or a

hundred of these guys for a game I'm not

gonna bother you know you just want to

get them on the table and I think this

is one method that really works

now just to quickly demonstrate this

method also works on slightly larger

figures these are ten millimeter guys

from Pendragon these are their World War

two British fellows see a little peer

hiding under the bush there and these

are done using much the same method I

have come back and given these guys a

slight highlight so that their sleeves

and some of their trousers stand out a

little bit more but for the most part

it's just colours over the top of the

brown with their shade winner you know

very very quick very effective for these

sorts of scales so there you have it

something a little unusual but something

that has come up in questions a few

times now it's always thank you very

much to exit 23 games for the light and

sound equipment

as well as all the patrons who helped

make this video possible including

producers Jonathan Harris Heller Nuttall

and Ben hex any questions feel free drop

in the old comment box below my Twitter

and Facebook are both linked there too

so thank you very much for your time

and you will enjoy the rest of your day