Painting Out Of A 5 Gallon Bucket. Painting A Wall Painting Tips,

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this is Chris the Idaho painter here in

Boise I know bringing you another quick

and simple video tip this is Chris the

animator coming to you with a quick and

simple tip and that's rolling walls with

a five gallon bucket and a five gallon

bucket grid we've got a large building

here that we're rolling a lot of balls

with and using a five gallon bucket is a

quick and simple way to roll a model

balls and a lot of accent walls and get

a bucket in our paint into this five

gallon bucket with a five gallon bucket

pitch and you're just using a nine inch

nap to load out of a five gallon bucket

and roll your walls

just a quick and simple tip roll all the

facts without using a 9 inch trailer we

carry a lot more pain you don't have a

filling of a tray and this is a quick in

fast way to work instead of using a tray

this is a little bit different method

than using an 18 inch nap out of an 18

inch nap tray this is a five gallon

bucket because we got a lot of five

gallon buckets laying around it's a

simple easy thing to use if you don't

want to use a 18 inch now we've got sort

of accent walls we've got a face for the

bucket so this is a very practical way

to roll walls and accent walls and set

the 18 inch now for more painting tips

you can find us on facebook at the idaho

painter or you can also find us at

Tamarack painters and when you're done

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