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hey guys welcome back to another video

in today's video I'm going to be showing

you all how to take off the roof rails

from your 5th gen 4runner so there's

multiple reasons why you may want to do

this one is you've got a completely new

roof rack you got to take the old rails

off another one maybe trying to fit some

crossbars into it that don't really line

up with the OEM Toyota rail system and

another reason would be to paint them so

for me that's my reason why I'm taking

it off I'm gonna be painting mine black

but I'll show you guys step-by-step how

to take them off so as you can see on

mine they're nice and silver it doesn't

really go with the aesthetics of the

vehicle that's kind of you know blacked

out and dark and the real reasoning

behind this is because in another video

for you guys I'm gonna be installing the

lfd crossbars these are other modular

crossbars and these are a nice black

finish so that's one reason why I want

to take these off is to have the silver

portion of it be a nice black finish now

the only tools that you guys should need

are these nice plastic wedge removers

I'll leave a link down in the

description if you guys don't have these

definitely recommend a microfiber towel

so you don't scratch up your paint and

you're gonna need a socket wrench with a

12 millimeter socket on it and you'll

notice when you're looking at the

plastic right here there's this little

gasket line in between it what you're

gonna want to do is just take your panel

removal tool and just kind of fish it in

in between that and then where the

microfiber towel comes in is because

you're gonna basically be wedging it and

you don't want your paint to get messed

up because of it

there we go

so now just take your socket wrench with

the 12 on it all right and then when all

four are out for your side just go ahead

and just lift right out and now your

roof rail is off also be careful with

how much you're forcing it down I don't

know if you can tell but there's just a

slight little bit now I'm pretty peeved

about it it just I don't get how this

metal is just so freakin thin from

Toyota the paint is so thin it's it's

honestly starting to get very

frustrating I love this vehicle but it's

just very frustrating so just be very

careful when you're going down with it

if you can raise it up trying to do that

but the way to pop them off is you have

to unfortunately go down just a little

bit but that's that's very unfortunate

and just like that guys that's off so

very very simple the hardest part is

definitely just doing a plastic but just

remember go under it pull down and kind

of pry the plastic up if you can at the

same time and definitely watch out for

your paint so thanks again guys for

watching the video uh feel free to stick

around the rest of the video is going to

keep going with me painting it if you

were just here for how to remove it go

ahead and give it a thumbs up subscribe

if you're new but if you wanted to see

me painting it what I'm gonna do

basically is put Plasti Dip on it oh my

gosh why Plasti Dip so I was going to do

primer and I then was gonna do like a

nice not super high-gloss black but like

a metallic eeee black but then I got to

thinking I should just do plasti did one

because if it gets scuffed up or

anything Plasti Dip you could just spray

right over and it will adhere to it

better there won't be any fading or

anything like that it look really good

and I also have a gloss Plasti Dip as

well so I have black and then I'll put

gloss primer on it as well and now

another reason why I wanted to do Plasti

Dip is

eventually if I do do a actual roof rack

I could turn around and sell these and

if someone doesn't want black and they

want silver I can easily just peel off

the plastic so that's why I'm gonna do

that so I'm gonna go ahead and take the

other one off right now lay these out

plastic dip it black throw them back on

and then I'm gonna make another video

for you all about the lfd crossmembers

going on so alright and here it is done

guys and holy crap it looks it looks a

lot better I don't know why Toyota

didn't do this in the first place man

that black just looks so good with all

the other black accents that the TRD pro

has a nice big chrome tail light but

still hold man it looks a lot better you

guys hung around this long I appreciate

you all for watching it means a lot and

I'll see you all in the next one

alright see you later