The Sims 4 Room Build - Painting Room

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and you it's me Curtis fee hello

everyone and welcome to another Sims 4

room building a video before we jump in

today's video don't forget to check out

my latest Sims 4 house building video I

built a brand new modern condo over the

weekend please go and check it out you

can click on the link on screen right

now to go and check that out and then

come back here and watch this room

building video now after yesterday's

room building video I thought let's

build another cool artistically inspired

room so we're building an art gallery

sort of idea basically art room we're

building an art room so let's start with

a basic shape you know we're gonna be

using sheep

what kind of shape do I want this to be

I kind of want I haven't done this in a

while so let's build sort of a like a

turret kind of idea

because I think that's kind of kind of

Kiel and I don't like the way that I

just did that turned out to do that

let's get rid of that get out of here

yeah I don't want that there I want this

like this that like that and like this

and like this we're gonna make this is

considerably smaller cuz it's way too

big a little bit too large there we go

something simplistic kind of like that

perfect so let's get some windows get

some windows pulling on windows and you

can finish that song answer see fit

alright so let's find some larger

windows here we've got some nice big

two-story esque windows which are kind

of fun to use inside of rooms like this

I'm gonna use a couple of them here in

different spots just kind of like that

and then we'll use some individual

single panes in the middle here that one

and two and three and then we'll use one

on the side here to perfect amundo and

then let's put in this is going to be

like a very classic type of room

so it's actually that's fine there's

some sort of yeah here we go

this one it's kind of nice we'll put

that directly across from that so you

kind of get a a cool effect once you

walk in there's kind of this cool art

area here we're gonna put in a fireplace

on the one side just to give it a little

at in this few a little bit you know

something cool classic all right then I

want some activities and skills

obviously we need to actually put in the

art related piece which is somewhere

where is it here it is we're gonna use

the best one the best one possible we're

gonna kind of put it over here like this

which gives you a great vantage point so

either you can paint looking outside the

window or you can paint kind of looking

at the scene which will kind of build

over here which will be kind of

interesting so I thought that would be

kind of kind of a fun thing to do we use

something like that let's use some

classic sort of wood tones so something

like that is there a darker when there

is a darker one that's really dark

though I want it that dark no not really

I just don't like it that darks wouldn't

use that and as for this we're gonna

change this to something like that that

kind of matches nicely so perfect as for

the windows whoops let's really texture

this just come in now this is kind of

the latest shape that sort of keeps

continuity and matches properly so let's

use we could use this flooring which is

kind of nice I haven't used it in a

while so that's kind of cool we could

use that or we could use like a carpet

if I really want it to actually I'm

gonna put in just a rug instead of

putting in a carpet because it's just I

think it makes more sense to use a

larger rug in this spot a bit bigger

something like this I'm just gonna sort

of show me that away from there a little

bit we could use something like this too

a little tiny bit bigger

let's go with something not as bright

but does have some color in it still I

like the red one the red one that's very

nice it's very luxurious we keep trying

to keep the red one maybe I'm gonna try


let's put in a really nice big piece of

art over top of here

very classic

make it bigger blow it up that's too big

too large just a little too modern to

really go on that wall that one actually

does work this is more of like a study

than like an art studio but I'm gonna

try to keep it very artsy we'll put in

some nice big plants on either side here

we could use these is there any other

plant that looks good we could use that

I like those though just don't feel like

they look like the fit that's the wrong

type of plant I think we're gonna go

with could go with these and just want

to make them bigger really yeah no we're

gonna just stick with something like

this these like potted plants I think I

can change the I really want it to all

be like that

excellent leave it the way it was it

kind of came cuz it sort of matches that

which is nice

does this come a goal that does cake

good alright perfect

so let's put in some chairs here

let's do comfort based objects you could

do like a - like a loveseat just the

unfortunate thing is that the door kind

of opens right onto this spot it's

really annoying what if we do something

like this and then we move this sort of

out a little bit can you see that if you

were painting hmm the only other thing

is I could move this door kind of

and then that gives us like the vantage

point that I want and I'm actually gonna

put in a he a bigger couch on the side

just because I know that I can

nice big couch over there and a larger

couch here with some chair at one chair

right there I'm big kind of this big

space which obviously you can reposition

to be sort of whatever you want let's

put in a surface here and we'll put in a

very classic sort of a piece of

furniture that will just sort of sit

right around in this area a little bit

like that put in a light classic light

let's actually use this one if I make it

a darker tone it'll kind of fit better

uh just go any darker that's perfect and

as for these I think I'm gonna use like

a white black color your white and black

colors this one's like grey where's that

color and this one about it I don't even

know why is the chair not match that ugh

no it must be that tone no it looks

darker though okay let's just go with

this because I know

I could get with a white enough it looks

very cool it's very clean

it also looks kind of it looks very old

olden days big ceiling light like that

maybe this art tist

is very kind of an older picture an

older person that's an artist um what

else we got here I need some Claude

erase ID and Clyde him clutter based

items here so we're gonna put in some of

these these who knows let's just want to

snap to the walls yeah we can put in

something like that maybe we have to now

we'll just leave one - oops

whoa hello looking straight down there

we go change that to that and then we'll

put in some of these like this I would

like to sort of stack these if I could

it keeps like sticking to the wall which

is sort of annoying there we go so we

have tons of these I don't think these

really oh these do have like oh look at


so some of them I didn't know that can

actually have like paintings already

done on them which is interesting so

there we go

so now there's like some paintings that

have already been done which is kind of

interesting what are the piste does this

have that I know it just changes based

on that so that's fine all right so

we've got all that stuff there what else

do we need here do we need any other I'm

gonna put in another one of these sort

of chess against this wall here kind of

like that and then we're gonna put in

another some decorative sort of clutter

based items along here so maybe there

are some like books and stuff on the

floor here and whether this is some sort

of inkwell pen which is kind of

interesting just kind of fun let's put

in some art art is obviously very

important because

this is our gist he is an artist spritz

art one piece of art two pieces about

two arts there are two arts here two

pieces of our and this guy here I'm just

sort of layering these little small ones

together and actually we're gonna change

this all to be like a brown just so that

it matches properly which is kind of


what else we have this sort of old or

that old one oh there it is old looking

sort of castle or something oh no it's

just like a it's not a castle like that

brownie sort of type on this wall maybe

we'll put this does this come in a gold

it does Kate good so it can kind of

match that object as well on that side

which is kind of important that's

something that I want to do lighting

let's put in some more sconces that and

we could do the same thing on this they

think that they would have to go there

and there so that doesn't really work

let's actually scrap this and throw this

like over top just put the grid on just

so I can see the exact center of that


oops great perfect all right so we've

got his main like main art area there

then we've got some open space here so

you can kind of position that however

you'll want it to be however you want to

look which is kind of fun

let's put in another one object I like

never put in but I know is in here and

the clutter objects is like the fire

stick poker thing which is kind of cool

throw that in there too

where is it where's the fire stick poker

thing I know it's in here somewhere

I've seen it before unless it was only

in the sims 2 but I feel like I've saw

it I have saw it before where are you

maybe it's in here no new news

oh maybe this maybe it is only in the

sims 3 and not inside of the sims 4

because it doesn't appear to be in here

just weird all right well that's fine

all right so we've got that over there

I'm trying to think of what else we need

to put in are there any like other

clutter related objects that we can sort

of throw in here

some like books and stuff maybe coops or

some books up on top of here maybe

there's like some lock or anything that

I can throw on top of here that'd be

kind of cool electronics I think there

is yes there is

there we go throw that like big clock on

top of that a grand clock there's no

sloka there is a grand like an actual

grandfather clock if I ever wanted to

use it um what else do we need do I need

anything else actually though I feel

like there's some other decorative items

that I could throw in here what's this

thing just like jewels and stuff it's a

boat I'm on about and it's going fast I

can't make that boat go up there that's


can I make you go up there I can but I

only want you up there

I don't really know what's this thing oh

that's cool I want that I want that it's

like an art like stand thing

there we go so you can kind of have this

is your this is your little artwork


so you've got that that's gonna cool I

didn't even know that was in there look

at art supplies fun that is really

freaking cool well um I can put in some

actually I can put these on it so I was

forget about pudding let's do let's do

red I know I use red like all the time

but I love it cuz I think it's like a

looks a luxurious color to use and as

for the other windows this is the

problem cuz these little windows don't

really have anything that goes over them

that sort of matches that color which is

super annoying yeah so we just kind of

leave the other little windows which is

yeah it is super annoying but there we

go a it's sort of like a study lounge

but it's like it's also an art studio at

the same time cuz you've got your sort

of art easel some art related pieces on

this side and then you've got a great

area to stage your Sims in for their

sort of fancy family photo so guys

here's one final shot of the room for

you guys to enjoy don't forget if you

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