BUILD: Painting Baby Groot (3d printed from Thingiverse)

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all right we're gonna be doing something

a little bit different today my 3d

printed this little group character some

model off Thingiverse I'll put a link

down in the description and I'm gonna

paint it I've never really done this

kind of painting before when I was a kid

I built models and stuff just like

everybody but I've never tried to to

paint anything that was supposed to be a

life likes the right work right words a

made-up character but either way should

be interesting I don't know how well

this is gonna go but I'm gonna give it a

shot so to start off with I'm gonna hit

it with some filler primer and then I'm

gonna go to town with the paints and and

hopefully it doesn't come out wrecked

but it's a really nice little model for

anybody who's a worried about getting

into 3d printing because of the cost

this was printed on a printer that costs

150 bucks

and was subsequently dropped off of a

table and then rebuilt by hand with you

know handmade parts you know no CNC no

laser nothing just using regular

woodworking tools and whatnot and it's

still prints this quality so if you

think you can't afford to get into 3d

printing you can have the option of

printing this is one piece but I thought

this would be easier to paint if I could

map these independently for priming and

whatnot so I'm hit these with some

filler primer to hopefully get rid of

any little bit of resolution lines

they're still there

the prints actually pretty good but a

little bit of lines that are there

hopefully that'll fill them in without

losing hopefully any detail

unnecessarily and yeah give it a shot

there we go

I'm probably gonna have to do several

light coats on this I've never done this

kind of painting before but I do watch a

lot of videos about this kind of

painting so I'm not going in this

entirely blind just completely


and you know what you think you know and

what you actually know really tends to

play out differently then you might

expect oops I thought that was recording

this entire time but it wasn't so I put

a light coat on here a little bit

heavier than you know light but I just

kind of continuously went around with

light coats until had had fairly decent

coverage you can see there's some lines

in there that I'll need to go in and

sand out a little bit of Zee wobble but

nothing too bad the the texture on here

actually reads wood really well so I'm

going to set this aside I'm probably

gonna hang it here and then I'll paint

the head and then I'll come back and

paint this after a couple of touch-up

sanding spots and I'm gonna kick own a

fan let those dry and back in a few

some raw umber I'm gonna use this as the

base coat to get a nice dark brown

underneath and then we're gonna lightly

brush some lighter colors on top let me

use a kind of a rough brush here and try

and keep the you know lines up and down

so it looks like wood grain and we're

just gonna wing it honestly

it's also be noted that I don't know

what the hell I'm doing so you should

probably not listen to any of the advice

I'm giving you this thick paint is gonna

fill in a lot of the gaps as well just

like the the primer did which is why we

took it a little bit easy on them

or smoothing a vertical texture in here

to help sell the whole wolf I can

already tell you it may not be obvious

from the camera but the fact that this

was 3d printed it's already completely

lost you would never know this is 3d

printed at this point there we go I

think we have a brown girth

all right we're gonna pick this back up

again in the morning and go from there

the green highlights really made it pop

to be pretty happy with the way this is

I'm going to go in with some glue a bit

into some of the low spots in here and

then add some moss and some grass

there's also some kind of vines built

into the model I'm going to touch those

up with green hit them up with some glue

and then add some vines or some moss and

some grass to those as well then I'll

paint the eyes and I think I call it

done I was gonna do another wash of the

umber or rather a wash of the umber

because I haven't done one but honestly

I like it the way it is and honestly you

know most of everything everything I

know about doing any of the stuff I've

gotten from model makers and prop makers

and things like that other channels that

I watch but they have a tendency to

really over weather things because on

film they have to be over whether to be

able to see any of the detail at all but

this is going to be viewed in cursing

and in person this looks pretty good so

I'm I think I'm not going to do the

other wash Plus that just feels like

pushing it yeah hey I'm flirting with

disaster if I just keep adding paint to

this thing

I could conceivably use my flocking gun

for this but I don't think I'm going to

I'm basically just treating this like

glitter and wherever sticks sticks and

whatever doesn't doesn't so I just get

some fine little grassy details and

there I think we are gonna add just a

little bit more to this I don't think it

was really necessary to water down the

glue honestly this time I'm not gonna

this is for design for doing model

trains and I have absolutely zero

interest in model trains but I used to

have a friend when I was growing up that

was really into them and I used to like

building the scenery

I thought the scenery was really cool

and so I would help him build the

scenery and then he and his dad would

play with the train just gonna hit some

of the low spots where I think maybe

some Moss might have grown maybe just a

little bit around the neck here too

I don't want to overdo it it's easy to

overdo details like this and suddenly it

goes from being a little detail to

really in your face okay final detail is

gonna be the eyeballs I think I think

we're down to that level

I've also I'm gonna do in a gloss black

and then depending on how well that

plays I may also rinse this out I may

also add some clear over the top of that

I also painted earlier the inside of the

mouth with a flat black I think I may

have been off-camera when I did that all


final step what are the odds I'm gonna

screw everything up

right on the last little bit now I think

this character is like really gonna come

to life once the eyes are nice and shiny

always paint the thing because these

testers paints don't label the outside

well they do but they label it in this

little micro print and you can't tell so

the being able to tell the difference

between the flat and the gloss is almost

impossible unless you paint a dollop on

the top because inevitably if you've

ever done any model painting these in

depth covered in paint it's just a

matter of time

Wow sorry night a difference the stuff

levels pretty well so I might be able to

get away with just doing the gloss

instead of having to also do it clear

over the top the less of this fine work

I have to do the better rate

some of them I literally just put my

finger right in his eye it managed to

smear a little bit I'm going to very

gently tip this back and let it dry just

like that and then we'll inspect the

eyes afterwards and see how they work I

think I'm probably okay like that I

would like them to be a hair smoother

but we'll see how they come out once

they're actually dry I'm pretty happy

with the way this little guy came out

for my first this is the first model

kind of thing I've really painted since

I was a teenager and I never did

anything that was supposed to be like

wood or life you know I made the same

models that all the boys make usually

cars battleships airplanes that can

normally I put a like add a vignette

filter on you know a lot of my videos

and I'm not doing it here because I want

to accurately show what it looks like

the moss the little bit of green

highlights up here I obviously went

heavier because the actual character has

more green right on the top like almost

like a crown but I gave it just a little

bit of green highlight it's almost

imperceptible and you know hit the edges

a little bit stronger with the airbrush

and that really sells the wood look

so you're painting something that you

want to look like wood my advice would

be use at least three different colors I

used raw umber as a base coat normally

you know often for models and whatnot

use black this raw umber looks a lot

more like wood then the two colors I

used and these are just I literally just

went through the model aisle on my local

hobby store and found a couple that

looked good this is model masters wood

and model masters leather the wood made

it a little bit too light and the

leather knocked it down with like a warm

sort of well leather color that just

looked perfect and the eyes are just

done with gloss I wanted to clear coat

those on top of that I thought I already

had some clear coat but I don't so I'm

just gonna leave it as the gloss black

for now I'm pretty happy with the way

that looks

and it works case scenario I can always

add some later so I'm just gonna leave

it as is and I may throw some clear coat

on there eventually but I don't really

want to mess with it it shouldn't look

too perfect if you make anything look

too perfect it looks fake