How to paint 370z door handles

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all right in this video I'm showing you

how to paint your door handles first you

got to take them out pull a couple clubs

out there is a couple left to 10

millimeter bolts in there which I would

use a socket wrench for they're pretty

tight and also I put a piece of Brie in

butyl tape just a little piece of it

balled up inside of my socket it helps

that bolt to where it won't fall out

into the door because if it falls into

the door how to take your door panel off

try to get it out

that's the butyl tape in there a little

kind of like a sticky putty and after we

get those out there's a door handle

comes out the little table there turn it

you pull it to the side pull the cable

out easier to use a screwdriver on this

clip pull that away from there

now there's screws on the back of this

that are really tight so you want to get

a screwdriver that fits a really good

screwdriver that fits there tight in


just remember where the screws go

you might take a picture of it just so

you know where everything goes but it's

pretty simple that's the button the door

lock button it just unscrew once one

side pulled it out and swivel it to the

side and that little button will come

out also unscrewed the door lock to pull

the door lock out and the little rubber

gasket and there's that little clip

there that had to come out also to allow

the gasket to come out all the way if

you get paid on there it might not

create a nice seal I just take that off

faster sides a little bit different it

doesn't have that there's a sexy little

simpler it's all pretty much the same

though is missing one cable that you

don't have to take off





barbed wire fence

Rula game now when I painted my door

handle I masked off the actual handle

part and using that dupli-color I wanted

that the actual handle part to stay

silver so I masked it off with some

green 3m tape and you pretty much follow

the instructions on the can you do a

nice light coat about 2 or 3 nice light

coats I'm showing it close what it looks

like after the first coat then after the

second coat I just want to make sure

it's not real heavy you don't want to

get it done all in one shot and I think

you only wait like maybe five minutes in

between coats it should sound like an

but well that's what it looks like after

the second coat you can still see the

silver shining through and that's fine

let it dry for five minutes it with a

third coat that third coat it should

look pretty much covered you don't want

to push it because you can always do a

fourth coat you don't want to put a big

heavy coat on there if it doesn't look

cover it all the way you can always do

another a fourth coat and it will be

covered but after that unmasked by

unmask my door handle Park it States

over and I'm just gonna write something

on the and a part with the chrome

I think it's a Molotov your fede marker

called liquid chrome the door handle got

prepped up sanded by the way I made a

video about paying my headlights and I

showed all the sanding in there but

scuffed him scotch-brite to scuff him up

make him so the paint sticks a little

bit better

and I took a tack cloth

I painted my headlights at the same time

took a clap that cloth just to kind of

get any little pieces of debris or dirt

or lint off

and I used a clear coat that first time

I'm using this clear coat I got it from

an automotive paint store

it has a red plunger that sticks into

the bottom of it which breaks something

inside the can that activates it shake

it up real good and then you do signless

painting like two two or three light

coats maybe one one light coat couple

medium coats and then a nice wet coat

that's not too heavy and that's it