How To Painting A House. Tips Painting The Outside Of A House. DIY house painting tips.

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here we go ladies and gentlemen okay

it's ready to start the season this is

Christy I'd hill painter we're starting

our first make sure your repaint for the

season and we got some cool weather

outside and a good option to start to

season with we're going to use insurer

Williams resilience and it's a paint

that after an hour it becomes water

resistant so at this time of the year

the weather can be a little bit fickle

it's pretty cool outside so it dries

pretty fast it's a really good option

for the beginning of the season for our

exterior repaint so here we go we've got

this exterior outside and we're going to

start painting it Sherwin Williams

resilience this is this is take two we

got a dining we're all John's off the

sprayer now John's a spray man and we

got Zach that just passes by right here

he's our downspout technician John's

doing he's doing the back rolling right

now getting ready to spray and gamos

hiding on the other side of the fence

you'll hear him he'll be coming by here

pretty soon

first exterior the season hopefully you

enjoy it hey a lot of times out there

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using or some of the accessories out

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little bit of a kickback from it it does

help making these free videos for you

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local paint store or local hardware

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help me out and purchase some of my

accessories into it got a quick and

simple tip for you that's higher we've

got our sprayer going around spraying

the body the house he's going one

and I move in the other direction we

always like to put a first coat of paint

on all of our corner boards at about 6

inches and 12 inches from the bottom the

house because that's where it takes the

most weather damage water coming off to

the house water splashing up from rain

and so forth so we like to give that a

first good coat of paint I'm going to be

4 in a head of the sprayer about 15

minutes before him he's coming behind

you know actually almost be dry by the

time he said and so just a quick and

simple tip giving a good extra coat of

paint on your corner boards and all your

trim boards up as high as you can reach

going to round down all the prep work on

the house the day before it's nice cool

day in February we're like February 9th

now we're actually spraying the body at

John up top spraying I'm back rolling

corner boards

are you scared to be on camp got Zach

masking getting stuff massed ahead of

John spraying this could be the first

exterior for the season should take seal

the one day to do is got a power washed

one day prepped another day should just

take today to paint it got three back

here in the back masking and spraying

the exterior yeah John we got the coho

Sean John I'm spelts taking down we

painting the downspouts the body color

of the house we're spraying the gables

up here and the roof just cruising right

along painting this exterior got our two

vans here a crew of four guys working

away back in the office after a long

day's work doing exterior repaint

answered a lot of questions from our

YouTube subscribers here and I got a

question from al al green and he's

asking a question on my video and

sparkles and house asking does light

does light weight joint compound work

and light weight joint compound can work

to actually fill a hole versus a sparkle

but sparkles are designed to dry fast

and not shrink and joint compound is

going to drive strange slow it's gonna

could take up to a day or more to dry

and typically will shrink and you got to

put multiple coats so that's it

extremely inconvenience for a painter so

yes in a pinch you could use it but I

would recommend using a good quality

spackle for patching holes hopefully

that answers your question how so got to

get back to answering more