Without Drips!! Edge paint ceiling without scaffolding OR extension ladder. CAUTION ON LADDER!!

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Okay, the important thing is and the trick that I found to successfully

paint a 20 foot without using an extension pole is using an edger such as this

Sherline paint pad as I have shown you but when you apply the paint just apply

it to the middle portion of the pad. A little to the front edge but not too

much because it will drip over if you get too close. This is your edge guide,

they say have it down and you add paint and put it up when you're ready to paint.

Always keep a sponge handy, damp sponge, wiping off any paint, your fingers. Anywhere.

Good thing to have. Okay this is to show you, when can you apply paint

sometimes the pad will stick and feel a little difficult to move. Just kind of walk it. Walk it back, maybe walk it if it sticks. Like that. What we're going to do with 18 or 20 foot extension, it does work.

I know there is no paint on the pad now, this is after I'm done but I thought I'd show you

As you can see I'm able to trim around a round surface such as the base of this chandelier, as well as

corners inside and outside. See my ceiling is the same color as the wall

which is just too dark. you can see I'm not quite finished here.

We'll put the roller gently into the tray, don't want to be aggressive, you don't

want to get paint on that shield so just go slow this whole job is about going

slow step by step. Okay, take a quick look, no paint on the shield,

that's dried paint so I don't worry about that. the edges are good. I'm going to go

up my ladder, with my 16 foot extension pole. As I mentioned the ladder is a

little shorter than the ideal situation but we make it work.

Let's extend the pole out to the maximum which in this case is 16 feet. Looking up you can see it is a long

distance. put it forward and just roll. You won't get very much done.

You don't want to do it twice that's it. Oh I see an edge. That's it. And let it down

and get more paint. It's slow but step by step it does get it done. A couple of afternoons

and my 20 foot ceiling will be done. Yay!!