Frog Tape Wall Design - How To Get Crisp Paint Lines With Two Tone Walls

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hey guys Chelsea here from Mickey

manzanita and today we're going to be

teaming up a frog tape to show you how

to paint two-tone walls so this was our

bedroom at the beginning of the makeover

pretty horrendous you want to start by

clearing out the room entirely and then

if you're going to be repainting your

ceiling trim or doors you want to start

with that first we typically use a flat

white ceiling paint and then a

semi-gloss white paint on doors and trim

now you can start working on the walls

but before you do any painting you want

to be sure to decide on the height I

decided I wanted the two-tone wall color

to transition right about eye level the

colors we chose were a white on the top

and a dark green on the bottom so you'll

want to start with that top color and

work your way down be sure you're

bringing that paint down below the line

where you want the colors to transition

now let's talk about that straight line

you need again you'll see here that we

tried using a laser level and I will be

honest it was super frustrating we redid

it about three times we taped the whole

thing just to find it was off by more

than an inch we finally gave up and just

went old-school and used a four-foot

level to go around the entire room and

it worked perfectly you just want to be

sure the bubble is a exactly centered on

that level so for the tape we decided to

go with frog tapes delicate surface

that's the yellow one we did this

because it works really well on fresh

paint and since we have just painted

that white color the day before we

wanted to be sure we're being extra

careful not to peel any of that fresh

paint off so once we got the line

completely drawn around the outside of

the room we added that frog tape and we

wanted to get it perfect on that pencil


I don't know if you know this but

FrogTape actually has a piece block

technology and it's activated by the

latex in the paint so we found that the

best way to get super crisp lines even

on textured walls is to paint that

underlying color on the bottom side of

the tape you'll see here that I'm using

the white and going over it on the

bottom side of the tape and then the

green will go over that be sure to let

that underlying paint dry thoroughly

before moving on now you can start on

that bottom color you'll see that we

started by cutting in adding the dark

color into the corners around outlets

trim and baseboards


now it's just a matter of rolling on

that darker color on to the bottom

two-thirds of the room the color that we

used was it called meteorological and

it's made by fair paint



all right now the next step is super

important you don't want to skip this

you need to take off the tape as soon as

possible this helps prevent the tape

from taking off any other paint on the

wall I'm going to peel slowly and at a

45 degree angle if possible just look at

those super crisp paint lines

I am so obsessed with how our master

bedroom is turning out with the new

hardwood floors and these gorgeous

two-tone walls it's making for a great

transformation am i right the walls

makes such a big difference and create a

unique and unexpected look in our

bedroom which I love I'm so glad that we

decided to incorporate a really dark and

moody color which I really haven't done

in any of our rooms yet it's bold and

some say it may be risky but I love it I

can't wait to finish off the room with

decor furniture and bedding be sure to

check back because we'll be sharing all

about that you can find more tutorials

at making manzanita calm and if you

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