How to paint using two stage paint

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what's up guys hey all right

I've already pain at the bottom I've

done that yesterday my begin the video

now what I'm going to be doing I'm going

away if I'm gonna stay in this talk

somebody's already put a egg shell

primer over the original black gonna go

ahead and we get this sand it down real

good and then we're gonna lay down some

sailor write out some bass and hit lay

down our clear


all right now I'm going ahead and I'm

working my bondo I went ahead and I just

put a small amount of bondo I have my

hardener I'm just gonna put it on wait

to dry a little bit faster so I'm gonna

put a little line of hardener on the top

and then you're gonna work it keeping it

nice little place in the scenery I don't

want it to get too far to the outside

they'd have to use my whole board but

you want to basically work out all the

gray color out you want it to be

completely mixed up if you know it

you'll have little small sections that

aren't dry and then whenever you go to

sand it it'll Norrell up inside your

sandpaper start at the top down


all right now I see it's not perfect but

what I'm doing I'm leaving it a little

bit thicker so that whenever I go to

sand it I can actually send it down

without having to add more body filler

quality feeler

that's the place in the front

I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna mix up my

select seal I'm gonna shoot a little bit

of sealer on it all right guys using my

Harbor Freight a paint gun I've got here

for $19 we'll go ahead I'm gonna kind of

sailor on this


there's the center we're gonna go ahead

and let this dry and I'm gonna go ahead

and start mixing up some nice cow it's

like the face count on and then I'm

gonna go over with clear up grab my

paint mixed up and we'll go ahead and

I'm a little light on my face coats I'm

using the niacin one to one mix ratio 1

part paint one part relation


my stay for the head a lot now I'm going

to go ahead and let this flash off real

good now I'm going to go ahead and put

another coat on it I'll start to be

yelled back up with the clear alright

I've got my face on I've got that clear

it's a top coat clear mix it for one I'm

gonna go ahead and start applying it I'm

gonna start with black coats I have

first contacts off and I'll start to

lean in