Painting an Accent Wall Quickly. Paint Different Wall Colors.

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this is Chris the Idaho painter bringing

you another how to video on professional

painting tips to make your job do a

little easier smoother and like a

professional did it this is Chris shadow

painter in this video we're going to

demonstrate how we went about and

prepping this this area to get ready to

paint an accent wall and we got here and

this wall is going to be an accent color

it's going to be a darker color and then

we have another binary color surrounding

both edges of the accent wall and as

soon as we got there we laid down some

9-inch paper and tape to protect our

carpet then I took quickly we want to

have got an overlapping color right here

we got one color here and then we got an

accent color here so I took our lighter

color and I painted it right here so

it's so just overlapped about an eighth

of an inch and I painted it on there

with discipline that overlapping color

is going to take about an hour to two

hours of dry we're about two hours into

it and now we can mask on to this area

we use frog tape or 3m 20:20 tape frog

tape doesn't bleed it's a nice product

here that seals the edges but will be

taken once this colors rise right here

we'll be taking our frog tape and just

be masking our line right here this was

about an hour and a half ago that we

actually painted this overlapping color

and it's already dried out with the

paint sticks and we just mask a nice

crisp line right there and then we

actually use Sherwin Williams 958 clear

caulking and then we'll just caulk this

tape right here to seal the tape off and

then we'll paint our cut in

that color right here will pour tape off

and then we'll have a nice first line

you've got a wall right here that we're

actually working on right here and we're

doing the credit control here and prior

to this paint actually dry end you're

going to want to do your cutting all the

way down and then pull the tape

the process of sealing the tape with our

clear caulking going back painting the

caulking before it dries so it don't

bridge over the tape in the wall

we're going to go cut this two edges in

the bottom of the baseboard and the

other edge of the accent wall right

there and then we roll and lay out our

wall and our wall will be complete you

want to roll your wall before these

edges dry too so you don't get any

haloing now the pinch still wet and we

just got done pulling off the masking

you can see how crisp the line is and

while this paint's still wet there's

left the masking on the bottom down here

to keep any splatter off the baseboards

and we're getting ready to roll this

accent wall right now while our top cut

in and bottom cut ends and side cuttings

are still wet

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this is chris the idaho painter videoing

to you from Boise Idaho