How I Paint Things - 15mm Troops

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hello and welcome to a very special how

I paint things now today I want to go

over something a little bit different as

always and as with wargaming I want to

touch on the question of scale now if

you're just getting started you know

you've got a limited budget or you're

just getting into the Hobby then there

is this question of scale to consider

because there are a bunch of different

games and you might notice they're

they're miniatures are different sizes

now in wargaming parlance that scale

also mean normal modeling and such like

that but where model train enthusiasts

who will use things like H Oh in t scale

as shorthand for sort of how big they're

talking something is typically in

wargaming will refer to those by

millimeters so for example here I've got

a 28 millimeter figure this guy's from

warlord games he's an American infantry

figure and he's part of this group that

gets called heroic scale now back in the

day when you were making metal

miniatures you know getting fine details

especially around faces was a little bit

more difficult so part of the style that

grew up out of this was to have big

heads and big hands and that got

nicknamed heroic scale and that's what

we've got here a lot of kids today still

use this as as their baseline you'll see

other companies they'll do a slightly

more realistic what gets called 28

millimeter scale and a good example of

this is the parry miniatures range or if

you've seen any of their Lord of the

Rings miniatures go ahead and put a man

of gondor next to a man of the empire

from Weimar and you'll see the

difference between a 28 mil and a heroic

28 mill scale figure so there's a little

bit of that to look at ordinarily you'll

see these heroic scale stuff still being

quite the business because they allow us

a great deal of detail particularly in

phases and stuff like that which is

where a lot of painters like to bring

that expressiveness to a model so these

make really good gaming figures now

these here this is from warlord games

this is what are their sherman kids and

it is ostensibly a 28

scale figure there is some argument

especially when considering heroic scale

infantry with a 156 scale or 1 to 48

scale tanks are better that's entirely a

matter of of taste just win if you are

looking at getting into that stick to

the same scale throughout your whole

force otherwise you're gonna have some

very strange effects but what I want to

talk about specifically is these are all

15 millimeter dealies these are really


if you're looking and getting into

something like bolt action or this

battle group is out there too and there

are a bunch of other wargames they use

normally heroic scale stuff that can be

played with 15 millimeters of stuff and

you'll tend to find this sometimes the

ground scale works better with these

smaller miniatures there are also games

like flames of war where you have a

number of figures that are all based on

a single piece of card or plastic or

what have you and it's a little bit more

abstract there versus normal skirmish

games which tend to do a 1 to 1 now

battle group is a game that you can play

one-to-one which is kind of cool

bolt action you can also play quite

happily one-to-one with these 15

millimeters figures so to give you an

idea here is our heroic scale warlord

games of American infantryman and here

this is a 15 mil American trooper from

the plastic soldier company and what a

difference that is now for the cost of a

single one of these 156 Sherman's I can

get a platoon of 5 in 15 millimeter so

cha-ching if you're looking at getting

started particularly with tank heavy

games bolt action has a a tank Wars

scenario 15 mil you know your money will

go a lot further same too with scenery

an interesting thing happens where

scenery becomes that much more cost

effective at their sort of scale so you

know maybe have a look around do some

research see what you like to look off

and whether or not a game such as bolt

action can be played in a smaller scale

where you've got more on the table so to

that end today what I'm gonna do is

paint some American infantry you've

already seen me do that so I'm not gonna

go too far into the colors we're going

to use whatever here is haha

my spruce crew anyway that you can get a

bunch of guys onto a single thing just

to spray a bunch and paint them all at

once popsicle sticks are another really

good one for this this is just a bit of

old cast off sprue that I had laying

around dab of superglue jobs are good so

nice and simple there let's turn the

light on

that's better so ordinarily I would go

and put quite a lot of detail on these

28 mil figures like you've seen me pay

them before but with 15 mil it's a

little bit more impressionistic okay you

don't have the same amount of detail on

a model to really make them pop in the

same way so you need to sort of pick

your battles what I'm gonna do is

deliberately introduce a lot more

contrast and I'm going to paint these

guys brighter than I normally would now

how I'm gonna do that is normally I

would start their trousers with flat

earth but I'm gonna go straight to us

field red for this one then we're gonna

use normal sort of colors that I would

for for the rest of the uniform so I've

started out with a spray of Sandra dust

because that's gonna give me the base

coat for their jackets you know after

this I'm gonna do very little to that so

to briefly touch on the webbing I'm

gonna paint all of it in green gray now

I've spoken a little bit about how the

webbing change color over the course of

the war and the American uniforms became

a little bit different but i'm gonna use

green gray specifically because i'm

gonna have beige jackets and brown

trousers so i want to add a little bit

of contrast to the model with these 15

millimeter figures the thing to bear in

mind is imagine how a video game renders

somebody who's standing in the distance

they don't put everything into rendering

those distant characters and as they

come closer you start to see more of

their detail with these guys think of

them as distant figures because unlike

you 28 mil figures that you

pick up and you have a look at or you

can see them clearly on the table these

guys going to be deployed as units and

they're going to look great with very

simple sore painting techniques so we'll

get onto that so first up we're gonna

get their us feel drab on the trousers

and you'll see it's not much different

in color it will look a lot different

once we've got a wash on there and once

that has dried but for the time being

just go around get all their trousers

avoid their Gators if they are wearing

them and this will take me just a couple

of minutes

the trousers now have that us feel drab

on and you can see it dries a little bit

darker and gives us some nice contrast

to those Parsons jackets so I'm not

going to do anything to the jackets if I

don't have to so in that mind I'm going

to be quite careful as I put on this

flat Brown to do all their weapons and

in the same way as I would with the

larger figures of 28 mil figures I'm

going to paint the whole weapon in this

brown and then tidy up later with

anything that I need to with those

rifles blocked in

I have purposefully avoided part of this

ba R on the end here because I know

there's gonna be black later now I'm

gonna do the skin and for this I have

army painters tan flesh but Buckman's

glow from Citadel works well in this

place and I'm just gonna go in and

lightly dab hands and faces now that

skin you might notice is a little bit

blobby err and nowhere near as precise

so I would normally go for and part of

that is gonna come down to how it'll

look once it's had a wash over it so you

see where hands are joining weapons and

stuff like that once there's a wash on

there that's gonna take care of most of

that and you know I can tidy up later

I'm not too worried about how precise it

is is going on I just want it to be in

the right place if it blobs out a little

bit yeah not too bad we can fix that

what I've got now is my green gray and

we're gonna go around and carefully

paint in these little areas of webbing

so if I get up close here you can see

there's not a lot of them on these on

these figures you're gonna want a

smaller brush here

just go around and fill in belts straps

and pouches with your green gray with

the green gray on you can see it helps

us break up the shape of the models a

little bit and we get some nice

definition you know it makes them look a

little less sort of plastic army man and

we start to see the shape of these guys

coming out some so that's pretty cool

now I'm gonna go ahead and do their

helmets we've got brown violet for this

and again one of these colors are

usually use as a highlight is gonna go

straight on as my main color for these

guys now while those helmets are drying

this is Deb in a little bit of leather

brown to do their boots and don't worry

about the straps of the gaiters under

the boot just paint over them with boots

helmets trousers webbing guns skin done

it doesn't look like much there's not

very much work into these guys I mean

they aren't particularly difficult to do

but you see the flat colors they start

to look a lot better you know they they

are pretty alright especially

considering the distances of we're going

to see the mat so over a flat color

comes as always my favorite now Greg's

earth shade and I'm just going to bucket

this all over the models and this will

reintroduce a bit of depth bring down

some of those tones and fix up any other

mistakes that we might have made we're

going over and sort of blobbing stuff so

let's go ahead cover these guys in a

grosser shade with the wash applied you

can see how much that's darkened down

those uniforms and it's given us a nice

bit of shading into some of the crevices

that we've got it really makes a

difference on these 15 mil figures guys

I can't stress it enough now what I'm

gonna do I mean you can quite happily

put these on a tabletop

I would black in the guns and stuff

first but for the uniforms I mean much

of a much once they're on the table with

about 80 of their friends they can all

look great trust me

so doing those guns they'll be ready to

rock and roll but I'm gonna highlight

their jackets just because I think

there's a little bit more we can do to

make them pop and it'll be nice and

simple now I've got here this is of

air color which you can use straight out

of the pot just apply with brush this is

us desert armor if you're looking for a

substitute ship debone from Citadel is a

pretty good one for that it's a little

bit more yellow than the desert armor

I'm going to use though so well that is

same as ordinary highlighting is just

quickly bash on where I want the jackets

to look lighter now unlike my normal

sort of highlighting I'm actually going

to do most of the jackets in this

highlight color because I want that high

contrast you know talking about how

they're going to how they're going to

look at a distance I don't want the

edges highlighted as much as the whole

jacket to be brighter so I'm gonna go

around I'm gonna do the whole jacket and

you'll see what I mean when those are

finished and with that highlight applied

you can see I haven't been too careful

about where I've put it I've really been

a little bit more impressionist let's

say if I flip him round and you take a

look at the backs what I've done is I've

used that highlight color to accentuate

the gaps between the webbing and

introduce a little bit of the fall to

those fabric again but honestly you know

you don't have to worry if you're

getting it in the right place you just

put a way you think it's gonna look the

best so the last real step is to go

ahead and black in there gunts

so I've got my Vallejo black here cuz

that's gonna cover really well and now

it's just going in and carefully not

painting over any hands in the process

whoops oh dear let's see though a little

bit of water I can flush away most of

that mistake and at 15 mil I don't care

to fix it so I'm gonna blacken their

guns and again be fairly impressionist

you know if it's gonna be a little bit

too much black or if I'm gonna get too

close to something you know it doesn't


alright so I lied

there's one more thing that I think we

can do here that'll really make these

guys stand out there a little bit more

while keeping it fairly simple and that

is just really lightly get in with some

kislev flesh

and just do the backs of hands and any

really exposed parts of the faces okay

you don't like I'm literally just

blobbing it on you see I'm not following

individual fingers or anything like that

because I would drive myself insane but

just a little bit of extra oomph and

when we get up to the faces see how

close I can give him all I'm gonna do is

is just a quick blob of his nose his

chin and let's let's paint a little bit

and that's all I'm gonna do yeah I think

when that's done they're gonna the

business now there we have it all based

up and finished now you'll see him only

got four guys on this 40 millimeter

round base the fifth guy he's still got

painted yeah but he's gonna go on a

different base when I'm doing some

one-to-one scale stuff like bolt action

for example with these 15 millimeter

guys I like to base four or five to a

base now with the Americans I've

deliberately done before because squads

of twelve lets me do two three bases I

can put a sergeant and a BA R on one of

them and you know you can remove quite

easily and move them around fairly

simply as well so as you can see once

they're based up you know they really

don't look too bad

there's not a huge amount of detail on

the miniatures and the paint job is

nothing to write home about but once

they're in context like I'm always

saying you know they look pretty cool

and I'll drop down of this one is

painted for a British force but you know

there's a Sherman alongside with them

let's put down universal carrier as well

and you can see very quickly how once

these are all on a table together you

know they're really going to look at the

business so hopefully they're guys

there's something interesting or

something useful to you that you found

you know wargaming on a budget these 15

mil figures are a great place to start

from and they're nowhere near as

difficult to paint as people seem to

make them out to me so

as ever guys any questions you just drop

them in the comments down there or you

can get in touch on my facebook or my

twitter so thank you very much for your

time and you guys enjoy the rest of your