How To Roll High or Tall Wall Areas The technique used to paint high walls

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now I'm going to do a demo on how to

paint a large hall now this wall is

approximately about four meters high so

what I'm going to do is actually show

you here go about rolling a wall so now

the extension pole I'm using this time

is a six foot that adjusts to roughly 12

foot so what I'll do is I'll extend it

where I think I leave it roughly I

should do it a little bit more now you

don't want some now when you're doing a

wall light so you don't want the roller

tray to close because you'll need room

so you can actually dip your roller if

you had it over here close to the wall

it'll be just too hard to get to so make

sure you get your roll plate away from

the wall tip your roller right so plenty

of paint a lock normal start at the top

now that come out too far I'll be doing

this ball probably in three sections

so I should see if just want to spread

the pain out as normal

now what feels much on the roll ouch

this little bottom section

now I'll lay the wall off now this is

the most important part you want to lay

it off all in one hit if you notice I'm

just living the role the slide through

my hands and I'll get back up okay that

comes close to the ceiling as I can get

and Baykal it the roller fold slide

through my hands

and this way you get a nice continuous

finish rather than stop start marks that

I've actually seen people do in the past

so that's the way you do it just another

section once again this a lot rolling

any wall you're going to spread the pain


put a little bit more on there

now lay it off once again I'll start

just past where I joined go away the top

put the roller slight swing my hands

again close the ceiling is possible let

the role of the pole slide through

so that's how you will paying a large

fall because it doesn't matter what all

you're painting you want to make sure

you paint it in one continuous motion

and when you're obviously when you're

laying it off it has to be continuous

all the way down so you don't have stop

start points so that's just been a bit

of a demo on how to paint a a high or a

tall wall area