Undercoating 1/72nd plastic figures part 2

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hi Steve again from painted plastic

soldiers welcome to my second video as I

said in the first video I'd be moving on

to having a look at base coating or

undercutting your figures after they've

been stuck to the metal water now base

coating is a very important job that has

to be done prior to the final coat or

final painting of your figure the reason

why I say that is because but I'm a

decent undercoat or primer or base caped

being that these are made of some of

them are made of polythene plastic

they're very shiny and almost it's

almost as though they're Teflon coated

which are not but if you apply the paint

without a base coat eventually with all

the handling with your fingers and

probably being dropped the paint will

chip off one of the worst places for

paint to chip off is the actual guns or

javelins or Spears or flags with that

type of action the paint will flick off

fly off and you'll be left with the

plastic underneath as again all your

hard works gone out the window so to

speak right so like I said key key

process base coated so I'm going to look

at two processes one process I'll use

some use for a few years many years is

mine Europe off of the chap which was

mixing PVA PVA glue but acrylic paint

now I use white because my always want

to special and I wear glasses

so you've white acrylic which helps me

to see the detail of the figure prints

out the detail of the figure so to speak

so anyway mixing these two together with

a little bit of water and then applying

a thin coat to the figure leaving to dry

you've got it you've actually coated the

figure and you've put a base coat on

there which your paints with it

whether they're acrylics or enamels so

what we're gonna do now is we're gonna

bring the camera a little bit closer and

have a look at the basically process

using PVA and a critic glue right base

coat process using PVA and acrylic paint

well basically I mix it up on a piece of

card or a piece of plastic something

that's obviously waterproof you get some

acrylic paint and what your critic paint

you put a blob of that on your card not

too much or see enough to use for the

amount of work you've got to do PVA glue

then you put a blob of PVA glue next to

that roughly the same amount take a

brush to mix with a little dab of water

not too much because we don't want this

too runny and that's and you you you rub

this in mix it up a nice consistency not

too runny as I said and not too thick

either so you can see that's almost like

paint okay nice white paint squeeze off

any excess and then pick up one of your

figures which have already been based of

course that is important that these

figures are cleaned thoroughly that one

soapy water before you apply any paint

or any under cakes to these figures all

right you put this on and cover the

figure completely don't worry about the

base cover the finger completely making

sure you don't put it on too thick

because you'll hide all the detail of

the figure and when you come to do your

final painting there won't be any detail

left on

figure these are 172nd figure second

excuse me

170 second scale figures which means the

detail is very small so if you cover it

up with undercoat that could be a spray

paint you could be spraying it with to

go on and put too much on the detail

disappears you can see you can still see

the detail on the back of the figure

when you're happy you've covered it

completely just have a little check over

again to see that it's not too thick and

if I'm that the figure is completely

covered anywhere where it is it's gone

into thickly smooth the PVA acrylic

mixture of rain you happy it's not too


moving on to spray advocacy now using a

spray paint from a tip to undercoat

these two figures which are actually

pegasus figures which I find the plastic

is very similar to Caesar plastics and

they will spray up quite well for

undercoating the s CI figures a very

shiny polythene plastic not the same as

the Pegasus or Caesar plastics so with

those I generally use a PVA mix right so

I'm gonna pop over to the spray booth

and undercoat these and give you an idea

to process so that's going to spray some

figures I'm gonna spray up these figures

we learned okay plastic an undercoat for

plastics and then we'll leave the

figures to dry I'll start the spraying


turn the figures right making sure you

get coverage deliver the figures that's

enough there that's quite good nothing

back again turn the turn upside down

spray out it's clear

okay that's these figures spray

undercoated it's a lot quicker than the

PVA that's for sure but as I said some

plastics lend themselves to different

under coating processes hey I have a

spray under coating with a spray paint

designed to undercoat plastic materials

prior to a finish coat I spoke about

Caesar figures these are Caesar

miniatures and the plastic used in their

materials for their for their figures a

lot different than the figures that you

would have in say your es CI or or

fashion Airfix figures a polythene based

plastic very shiny very difficult to get

paint to the deer to so that's why I use

a PDA type process or a spray paint

pegasus figures again good quality

fingers I do like these figures and the

plastic in this is similar to the caesar

figures and the spray undercoat works

fine with these figures one problem you

might come across if you do try and

experiment with different manufacturers

of spray and the coats for plastics some

of them will react to the painting some

will go sticky and you'll find that

you're picking your figures up and you

think what's going on there they're

sticky and that's basically the

undercoat is reactive and it's going

through the paint that you're painting

on and it's it's making the figures

stick which is a disaster really because

once they're sticky they'll pick up

finger marks they'll pick up dust and

it's just

just a horror story especially if you've

painted a hundred figures one of the

things you can do to get out of that if

you do have figures that you've finished

and the undercoat is starting to echo

through causing the the top coat that

goes sticking it's to seal them with PVA

clear PPA PPA only so don't mix it with

any paint as I did with the undercoat

process mix it with a thin amount with a

little bit of water paint this on the

figure and then leave that to dry and I

won't you'll find the PVA he will seal

the sticky figure and the sticky paint

underneath we would see it

I have a problem by this years and years

ago I've done a a big batch of 260

figures and the undercoat reacted to it

it said on the tin or plastic polythene

based plastics and yeah it reacted and

went through the paint so that was a

disaster and I was thinking what can I


yeah good old PVA which is a great

product very cheap very versatile so I

used to be PVA to seal a figure in and

we have no problems right well anyway

I've covered PVA acrylic under Kate in

spray indicate in with a spray paint

designed for under Cody and as I said at

the end of the video I will put up some

images of the current products available

on the market under coats spray spray

paint under coats for plastic these are

the ones I've used I'm happy with them

so the next video I'm gonna look at was

basing if it figures finishing off the

bases putting on some dope it's a grass

flakes a little bit stone just decorate

these to make them look authentic once

they're placed on your mortgage board or

New York collector's cabinet with a nice

base deck or it sets off the figure

really well so in the next video we're

going to look at that great in the basis

so that's it basically well thank you

very much for watching the video again

I've got a website which is advertised

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Laboratories on this on this video I've

got a blog on the website um it's

updated regularly and give people an

idea on what's going on in my painting

processes if you've got your comments

leave comments and things like that be

great so well thanks watching the video

again and see you guys soon okay take