How to Operate an Excavator | Heavy Equipment Operator (ep. 063)

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everyone Randy from extreme sandbox here

today we're gonna show you how to

operate an excavator yes we get a lot of

clients off the street that we get out

here just to kind of play and we teach

them how to do it so we thought it'd be

cool to put a how-to video together on

how to run one of these things now

disclaimer we are not experts at all but

we can show people and we teach people

daily how to do this so we're gonna show

you how to do it so let's check it out

so first thing three points contact any

time you get in or out of equipment now

we're today we're in a Komatsu PC 210

excavator on the controls I'm gonna go

over are going to be in the Komatsu

machine that most of them are pretty

standardized between the different

companies that make excavators but I'm