How To Use A Sit To Stand Lift

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okay so today we're going to demonstrate

the sitting to standing lift this

particular brand is by our Joe Huntley

and they call this um actually as a

Sarah lift as standing and raising lift

or aid standing and raising aid or I

think this one is actually called the

Encore is another one that's that you

will hear it referred to in terms of

lifts this lift actually has an on and

off button here so at the bottom that we

button to make sure it works in addition

it has controls for raising and lowering

and widening the base support of the of

the lift around bed Castor's or chair

legs it's a handheld control or it can

be actually used on the machine as well

just as the other lifts are we always

use two people when we're working the

lift and the one person is to work the

lift and the other person's