Clean Your Self-Cleaning Oven! Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Ideas (Fast & Easy) Clean My Space

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are your failed recipes living on the

bottom of your self-cleaning oven still

after four months stick around and I'll

show you the quickest best and proper

way to clean your self-cleaning oven hey

everyone its melissa maker here helping

you solve your cleaning conundrums

here's another cleaning question from

one of our subscribers and it's actually

Tara 1979 Tara in the other video I did

I did 1979 Tara 1979

it's the same person but with two great

questions the second of her questions

was hey Melissa how do I clean my self

cleaning oven properly and how do I get

the glass inside the self-cleaning oven

clean this is a great question as the

owner of a cleaning company I can assure

you one of the biggest issues that our

clients have are that they're afraid of

cleaning their self-cleaning oven