Learning How To ride a Segway

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Segway is one of the leaders and

personal green transportation

transforming the way we work play and

live recently Jim helped out of Silicon

Segway gave us the opportunity to test

drive one of his leg race silicon Segway

offers Pacifica Oceanside and Treasure

Island to us seven days a year

hello now we are out in the park for our

Segway test drive and we are again here

with Jim held back held held back it's a

great and also miss Melvina Jones she's

our production assistant and she

volunteered to test the Segway today

what do you feel about it are you scared

no I'm not afraid at all no you excited

- fine I'm very excited do you have any

advice for any recommendations before

she can just just enjoy it it's easy to

do and it's different from anything else

in the world but you told me earlier