How to operate the sauna

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before you go in the sauna make sure

that you're healthy enough to go in the

sauna you do lose quite a bit of water

and if you have any respiratory problems

please do not use this on we also don't

recommend children using this on as well

if you want to start the sauna press the

small button here above the reset you'll

see a light on the zero light up press

the arrows to the 60 while the unit is

warming up go upstairs and drink at

least one glass of water when you return

in 15 minutes the unit should be hot at

that point you can open up the lid be

very careful it is extremely hot you can

fill this container with hot water or

water sorry

and then when you pour the water on the

coals it will heat up the sauna we

recommend that you don't stay in the

sauna for longer than thirty minutes