Intex Sand Filter Settings Explained

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hey youtube just a quick review of the

settings on the in text and filter and

how they work so the first setting is

the filter setting which we're currently

on and the way that works is the water

is going to come into the main pane pump

through the hose on the right hand side

into the collection basket that's also

where you would empty out larger debris

like twigs and leaves and stuff flows up

through the hose right here into the top

of the tank and then what the water is

going to flow from the top down through

the sand to the bottom and inside this

tank in addition to the sand you also

have a hub-and-spoke configuration so

there is a pipe in the center that comes

down and then off that pipe our little

laterals or plastic little little or

plastic pipes and they come off like

this again in a hub-and-spoke