Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) for Beginners

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hey guys Wayne here from tech made easy

today I'm gonna be doing a beginner

walkthrough or how to use the Samsung

Galaxy Tab 8 this is gonna be the 2018

dition and this is for beginners so this

is your first tablet or you're not

familiar with using the Android tablet

you're gonna learn it all today right

now let's jump in and get started so the

first thing is this tablet has three

buttons it has a power standby button

volume up and volume down so to turn the

tablet or the screen off you're gonna

hit this button one time screen is off

the tablet is still on so if you want to

wake the tablet up go ahead and press

that button again and the screen will

come back on if you want to turn the

tablet off completely you will have to

hold down on the power button for about

two seconds and then select power or