How To Use Samsung Galaxy S7 (Tutorial)

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hello everybody Jimmy is promo here and

in this video I'm gonna tell you guys

everything you need to know about the

Samsung Galaxy s7 and how to use it now

before diving into the phone I do want

to say right away that this phone is IP

68 which means it is dust proof and

water resistant up to 30 minutes up to 5

feet but if it was me to say it I would

probably say four and a half feet just

to be a little safe but it is rated up

to five feet and up to 30 minutes now

the cool thing that you will notice

right away if you guys looked at the

Galaxy s6 is that the camera protrusion

is very small with this camera right

here so it's not sticking out like a

sore thumb and that is because it has a

larger battery capacity this has a 3000

milliamp battery compared to the 2500

that was in the galaxy s6 and so this