Opening My First Salon | The Documentary |

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December 2012 I was terminated from my

job I was working at a local beauty

supply store in Augusta Georgia so I did

like the average first day I thought

looking for different jobs in the area

and I actually had a few interviews but

I wasn't landing the job so I had to go

back to what I know and it was hair I've

been doing hair all of my life so I hang

out on my Facebook page hey I'm doing

this kind of so in hey you can get fired

on the song I was just trying to just

get somebody in my chair and so

eventually I made the announcement that

I was similar here and once I made that

announcement I posted a picture of me

with this alone 24 inch we everything

just kind of went out like wildfire

everybody knew what color was doing hair

color was thinning hair and I realized

within the first two months I made more