Learn How to Sail: A Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

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what is up YouTube today I want to go

sailing and I want to take you with me

it's springtime a lot of people have

been asking me is sailing difficult it's

sailing expensive no to both of those

it's not that expensive you can get into

it for as much as you would pay for

camera equipment or a motorcycle a

couple thousand dollars sounds a little

pricey but no more than a lot of other

hobbies - is it difficult no it's a lot

of vocabulary and it's kind of

intimidating vocabulary because it's

brand-new but once you learn some of

that and you get underway and you start

learning some of the maneuvers you can

be good to go so today I've done my best

to put together a comprehensive tutorial

on the basics of sailing talking about

the points of sail the vocabulary and

then sailing if you want to skip