How to Operate a Backhoe : How to Operate the Back Boom on a Backhoe

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Alright, as I turn around to my rear of the machine. I'm ready to start digging. Remember

the controls; you have a boom up, swing, stick in and out, bucket curl. Two little leavers

are stabilizers. Over here, your throttle control set your engine at the speed you want

to operate. If you?re out doing fine work, maybe not using as many RPM's as you would

if your doing heavier work. A lot of your work would be at a medium RPM. Alright, were

ready to start so were going to put some RPM's on it over here. Put our outriggers down,

stabilizers. Were sitting out of level, so I'm going to put a little more on one side.

Release the boom block and here we go. Boom down as your stick out, roll the bucket out.

You have to pull your stick in and boom up at the same time. Then roll the bucket, boom

up, swing. Always remember that swing is pretty quick. Lay the dirt far enough to be out of

the way. Alright, now we can get down a little deeper here, maybe another cup. Always try

to keep your work on a pretty level dig. Makes it much neater and much easier to stay at

grade. I'm going to roll the

bucket a little bit, pull the stick in, boom it up and keep it about the same level. Always

remember in operating a backhoe, these leavers will move a little or a lot. The more you

move the leaver the faster it moves. Sometimes speed is not the main object, safety is and

accuracy, so speed comes with experience and anytime your operating a backhoe you need

to take your time until your really feel sure of yourself before you add speed to anything.