Best Way To Use A Woodworking Router For Beginners!

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what's up everybody do you have a piece

of trim you need to round over maybe

you're making a custom window stool or

sill and you need to put that nice

little edge on the end of your piece of

wood but you say to yourself man I've

never used a router before it looks kind

of scary well today we're gonna show you

how simple it can be


so you're going to the hardware store

your big box racelle tools you might

find yourself a couple different size

routers some might be nice and small so

I'm gonna be a little bit bigger you

think of yourself in this cute little

router this would be great fits in my

palm and all a lot of times that router

is made to do things like trim laminate

not saying it can't put an edge on wood

but you're gonna want something a little