How To Operate A Round Baler

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alright guys Travis here

Ryan was asking me to describe in detail

the monitor and the operation of our

round baler it's a 566 this is the

maunder for which I have mounted next to

the seat instead of up there which

normally you see a lot of guys do before

you ask that's I mount it right here

because normally I'm sitting sideways in

the seat watching the baler behind me

and pay no attention to the dirty window

so it's a little bit more convenient for

me I like having it right here plus the

all the buttons are easy to get wrapped

they're close but um quick overview of

the buttons that I really use even

though they're kind of worn out but over

here you got plus - you know increased

decrease you got your net wrap right

maja many times you wrap have your net

wrap wrap my average about two and a