How to operate a compactor roller (Atlas Copco Dynapac CA2500) Part 1 (basics)

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this is Kevin Cooke the heavy equipment

guy here at being our equipment we're

going to talk about how to operate this

dynapac Atlas Copco CA 2500 hi this is

Bill at being our equipment I'd like to

talk to you a little bit about the basic

operation of a 2015 Atlas Copco dynapac

CA 2500 after checking the oil and all

the food levels we'll be ready to start

in order to start the machine you want

to make sure the emergency stop button

is in the up position that the parking

brake is set that the throttle control

is on low you'll take the key and turn

it completely to the right this engine

has a preheat system on it when it's

cool outside it takes a minute you just

hold the key on and on the display board

it will it will display a this shows

it's warming up and there it starts

okay basically this is your shifter