How to Open a Retail Store

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good evening my name is Chrissy Hughes

owner founder of inerts WorldCom we're

gonna jump into this video docking you

10 tips on opening a retail store I have

a business and currently have 3 physical

locations in downtown Toronto

we've been open just over 6 years so

everything that I'm gonna give you right

now is gonna be a hundred percent honest

and it's from the viewpoint of somebody

that's actually doing it

so hopefully this helps you

I own a web development company but I

think these 10 tips can be utilized for

even a retail store that selling a

product it could be used for absolutely

anything so if you enjoy the video like

subscribe I'm shooting new content every

day once again from the eyes of an

entrepreneur our current time is 1240 1

I guess it's now Tuesday April the 3rd