How to use your refrigerator

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- [Narrator] It is important to note that not

all areas of the refrigerator are created equal,

and everything has its place.

The refrigerator door is the warmest part

of your refrigerator, so it's best to keep it

to condiments, juices and other foods that

can take the changes in temperature only.

The temperature at the upper shelves is the most consistent,

and it's a great place to keep foods that don't

need to be cooked.

Hummus, drinks, leftovers, yogurt and lunch meats

are perfect examples.

The lower shelves of your refrigerator

are the coldest, making it the ideal place to store

raw meat, eggs, seafood and other dairy.

It's also where you want to keep any raw ingredients.

The drawers are set up to store produce

and keep it moist, so that's where you'll

want to store it.

If you can, keep your veggies in one drawer