How to set up and start a recruitment agency UK - Step by Step and the cost

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good afternoon ladies and gentlemen boys

and girls I'm going to do probably the

most requested video I've had for a very

long time and it's how to set up a

recruitment business either working from

home or just setting up a company as a

whole and so it's a recruitment agency

working on behalf of clients to find

candidates and this is a very lucrative

trade there's so many companies

operating in the sector and it's very

very extremely profitable so it's a good

business idea to do a lot of people have

contacted me I've given sort of

one-to-one support so I just wanted to

make a video that I can obviously refer

to people now this is going to be a

total set up it's gonna cost less than a

hundred pounds to set up with an ongoing

cost of probably twenty to thirty pounds

if that per month so it's very very sort