LIFT - Reach Truck Training - 4K Forklift Training (with bloopers at the end!)

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hey guys it's Jordan from lift this

week's video I'm going to teach you how

to operate the Nair I'll reach


so this particular restruck that i'm on

is a toyota reach truck we really like

to hear the Toyotas are far more

comfortable than a lot of the ones that

we've been on before as an operator it's

really nice because you're not gonna

have that back strain as you do

typically reach trucks you're forced to

bend over at front and then the

operators turned around all the time

trying to look backwards as you can see

the visibility in the back is far

greater than the visibility in the front

so this side stance allows the operator

to comfortably sit here well just a

simple neck turn to be able to look

around in to navigate so these are the