How to operate a radio (Security/Emergency Response/Rescue/Training Industry)

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hi guys lucky here again for diamond

protection we're looking at how to today

I'm going to touch on radios two-way

radios how to turn them on do a check on

them and how to basically use them

first thing let me turn this on its

going to tell us what channel were on

you might hear this

hopefully it's loud enough for you to

hear it Channel 21 San Juan Academy

heard that it was channel 21 so that is

a channel where you're using to operate

on today make sure you've got that right

this is the UHF and it can multiple the

can use multiple channels so make sure

you're operating on the one you want so

emergency channel obviously channel 21

check when you turn it on there's a

little battery meter on here like on

your mobile phone not sure if you'll be

able to see it but we're about