Basic Pressure Washing tips for beginners

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welcome to Adam DIY I'm Adam Hill in

this video I've partnered again with

Lowe's and we're gonna show you how to

pressure wash your home now I know a lot

of people have never used a pressure

washer and don't have any idea about how

they function or their features so I'm

gonna show you a little bit about this

one and help you understand how they


now this is a craftsman 2,800 psi

gas-powered pressure washer came in a

box I attached the handle put on the

couple attachments and added the oil and

that was basically it

it's ready to go you can use fuel

stabilizers if you're going to keep fuel

in it I usually like to just let the gas

tank we run dry and then I put it away

and if you're picking out a pressure

washer you're gonna want to get one that