How to Use a Porter Cable Air Compressor and Nail Gun

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and just unpackage this porter-cable

compressor and yep I'm kit and I want to

show you what it includes when you pull

the stuff out we have a compressor six

gallon compressor and then we have the

air hose connects the compressor to the

nail so this is finishing nail or this

it came with some fishing nails about a

hundred of them they're two engine late

the next thing I sure looks to a belt

and then you can hang the gun onto your

belt and want to do and this is the

brand nailer which is I think mostly

used for trim and stuff so I will

probably be using this one of the most

it's more lightweight not quite as big

as this one

um this is the ground stapler and yeah

that's pretty much all you need

and right now I'm going to put more

nails in I've got one 1/2 inch nails you