Ask the Pool Guy - How to Vacuum Your Pool

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hi I'm Kayla that's a cool guy and today

we're gonna do some vacuuming so the

supplies you'll need to do a vacuuming

at any pool are right here this is a

vinyl back head and they might not all

look like this but they generally are

triangular or otherwise not rectangular

shapes and the main feature are these

brushes um basically they keep the

suction which comes out here like a few

inches off the liner so that it doesn't

suck the liner up so this is for a vinyl

liner pool um it's generally gentler and

then this is the gunite or fiberglass

head and what this is sign for is closer

contact it's got higher suction it's

it's better for vacuuming but if you use

this on a vinyl liner these wheels could

damage the liner it could cut the liner

and this could actually suck up the

liner and cause it to move around and