How to Safely Operate Your Pole Saw

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now if you really want to be safe while

using a chainsaw 10 feet above your head

there are some other tips to keep in


make sure you can see and avoid using

plugged in power equipment when it's wet

outside keep your cord untangled and

know where it is at all times be sure to

watch out for electrical wires your roof

your neighbors roof and anything else

you might accidentally touch for the

10-foot Pole

especially when there's a chainsaw on

the end only cut one limb or branch at a

time and when you're cutting a limb

under tension watch for spring back when

the branch is freed and snaps back or

down right at you any branches you come

across thicker than 8 inches leave them

to a pro hey there's no shame in a

little safety when you're cutting downed