How to SETUP the PS4 Slim Console for Beginners

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hi there my name is Vince from my mate

Vince calm and in this video today we're

going to be setting up the PlayStation 4

slim and this video is intended for

beginners so those of you that might not

have owned the console before or maybe

those that haven't owned the console in

the good 10 or 15 years so when you get

the console it will have quite a few

leads and stuff in the package first of

all have a look at the back of your

Playstation 4 this is where most of the

connectors are if you have a look here

this is where we're going to be plugging

in the power cable this one here is an

auxiliary port for things like the

PlayStation camera this one here is the

HDMI ports that you have to connect up

to view the PlayStation on your TV and

this one here is an Ethernet port where

you would connect up a wired Ethernet