How to fly the world's largest passenger aircraft | Airbus A380 | Emirates Airline

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hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to

the flight deck of the Airbus a380 my

favorite aircraft usually we start with

loading the flight management computer

and we put the root so this do apply

today from Dubai to Heathrow and we're

going to put an altitude of 38,000 feet

as soon as I do that you will see that

the flight line is printed here on what

we call the navigation display after I

do that we usually wait for the

passenger to get on board load their

bags put the fuel on and we get ready

for push back of the aircraft and start

the engines starting the engines we put

the fuel pumps on we have the ignition

start like your key in the car basically

and we select the engine masters from

the off to the on positions as you can

see here we have four of them as soon as

I put the engine masters on the computer