How To - Initial and System Setup on Pioneer In-Dash Receivers 2018

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let's take a couple of minutes and we're

gonna walk through the initial setup and

system setup on your new pioneer in -

receiver even though your particular in

- receiver may be a one den model or a

two den model and may or may not have a

CD slot across the top like this one the

button operation in this demonstration

is identical for the following Pioneer

models MV HS 300 bt m VHS 400 bt f HS

500 bt d EHS 4000 bt d EHS 4010 bt

so right now I have the am/fm radio

source on it could be any source it

doesn't matter the first thing I want to

do is switch the in - receiver off so I

want power to the vehicle but the

receiver switched off so I'm gonna press

and hold the source button for a couple

of seconds that will switch the in - in

- receiver off now you might also have

the clock on your display right here